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    Official: Renault Zoe EV gets an iPad app, with Android to follow

    Every now and then, there are moments when a certain reporter concludes he should've studied a bit harder during his four years of high school French. This is certainly one of them. French automaker Renault figures it can improve both sales and exposure of its Zoe electric vehicle by appealing to ...

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    Two Wheels: Hollywood Electrics offers up Zero Cafe Racer, other customizations

    Hollywood Electrics isn't Zero Motorcycles' top dealership by accident. The retail shop is all in on all-electrics, and it doesn't stop at simple sales and service. It also offers unique personalizations of the bikes it sells, along with complete custom creations. Its newest product takes that ...

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    Report: PlugShare, Getaround offer special deal to select electric vehicle drivers

    Xatori, maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, is offering a special deal related to its flagship app, PlugShare. Xatori and peer-to-peer firm Getaround have teamed up to reward select PlugShare users $50 for sharing their plug-in vehicles on Getaround's marketplace. The PlugShare ...

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    PlugShare app is nation's most extensive electric vehicle charging network

    Xatori Inc., maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, announced that its flagship app, PlugShare, is now the U.S.' most extensive plug-in vehicle charging network. How can an app be considered a charging network? Well, here's how Xatori explains its wild claim:

    With over 12,000 ...

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    Ford releases Fiesta iPad app

    Ford Fiesta iPad app – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Interested in buying a 2011 Ford Fiesta? There's an app for that. Ford has just launched its very first interactive sales brochure by way of an Apple iPad app for the new Fiesta (sorry, iPhone users – you're out of luck ...

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    David Vespremi: A lot is hanging on the Leaf

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Nissan announced that it would be the first major auto manufacturer to sell (not lease, EV1 fans) a mass-market electric vehicle (EV) in the U.S., executives there knew that potential rewards were high – and so was the ...


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