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    Official: Elio 84-mpg trike will talk to your Apple Watch thanks to $2,000 Infinite Skyz option
    SkyzMatic Telematics System Will Offer Remote Tracking, More 1415202420

    Elio Motorz is getting zerious with Infinite Skyz. The highly efficient three-wheeled vehicle isn't due until late 2015 (and that may change based on the result of Elio's DOE Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan request) but we now know that the 84-mpg trike can be connected to the ...

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    Report: DOE's free alt-fuel station finder app now available

    Not only can you find any public charging and alt-fuel station from a user-friendly source, you can also view it on your iPhone and iPad. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a new mobile app so drivers can find any green fuel you can think of – biodiesel (B20), electricity, ...

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    Official: Siri Eyes Free coming to Chevy Volt

    Chevrolet has added the Volt to its list of 2014 vehicles that will have Chevrolet MyLink with Siri available for iPhone users looking for infotainment perks and freedom from distracted driving. Siri Eyes Free Integration will also be available on the 2014 Camaro, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu and ...

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    Study: Our apps are helping us drive less

    The next time you fume when you see the numbskull in the car next to you texting from behind the wheel, consider this: mobile-phone applications are actually causing people drive less and use public transportation more. According to a study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), mobile ...

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    Tesla VP: "I want people to want the car, I don't want to sell them the car"

    Tesla Motors has taken on the huge challenge of reinventing the car shopping experience – while at the same time delivering what consumers are used to getting when they buy electronic products such as an iPhone. Since 2008, Tesla has opened about 25 retail stores and galleries in North ...

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    Video: Toyota really loving that plugging-in feeling with Prius PHEV

    Huh? Toyota is looking to boost awareness and potential sales of its Prius Plug In by launching a social-media campaign that involves getting points for plugging in and recharging an iPhone. We think. The campaign's minute-long video, available below, shows a few folks in various stages of ...

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    Official: Buick's smartphone games simulate fuel-efficient driving in app form

    GM sells Buick smartphone app game that simulates fuel-efficient driving Remember the car-racing video games you played as a kid? Think of this as the opposite. General Motors is looking to raise consumer awareness of the hybrid drivetrains on its Buick LaCrosse and Regal by selling three ...

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    Report: Daimler buys 15% stake in MyTaxi cab-hailing application publisher

    Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG has acquired a 15-percent stake in smartphone application publisher MyTaxi, marking the German automaker's continued willingness to invest in transportation-related businesses that don't actually focus on selling vehicles to customers. Bloomberg News reported that ...

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    Report: PlugShare, Getaround offer special deal to select electric vehicle drivers

    Xatori, maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, is offering a special deal related to its flagship app, PlugShare. Xatori and peer-to-peer firm Getaround have teamed up to reward select PlugShare users $50 for sharing their plug-in vehicles on Getaround's marketplace. The PlugShare ...

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    PlugShare app is nation's most extensive electric vehicle charging network

    Xatori Inc., maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, announced that its flagship app, PlugShare, is now the U.S.' most extensive plug-in vehicle charging network. How can an app be considered a charging network? Well, here's how Xatori explains its wild claim:

    With over 12,000 ...

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    Henrik Fisker: Plug-in vehicle sales will take off like iPhones, flat-screen TVs

    First Factory-Built Fisker Karma – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Henrik Fisker, the man behind the range-extended Karma plug-in, predicts that electric-drive vehicles, which currently appeal to a small segment of car buyers, will quickly become the industry norm, gaining ...

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    Like Nissan, Renault will use iAd to sell Twizy electric car [w/video]

    2011 Renault Twizy – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Back in July, Nissan introduced its iPhone-centric advertising approach for its battery-powered hatch by launching the Leaf iAd. Not to be outdone by Nissan, partner Renault has responded with a Twizy iAd of its own. Renault ...

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    David Vespremi: A lot is hanging on the Leaf

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Nissan announced that it would be the first major auto manufacturer to sell (not lease, EV1 fans) a mass-market electric vehicle (EV) in the U.S., executives there knew that potential rewards were high – and so was the ...

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    General Motors IPO filing focuses on green technologies, serious risks

    Yesterday, General Motors finally submitted its S-1 document to the Securities and Exchange Commission as the first official step towards becoming a publicly traded company again. As we found when Tesla went down this path earlier this year, an IPO means a company has to outline the potential ...

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    Smart drive iPhone app and $300 installation kit now available

    Smart has officially released its new drive iPhone app into the wild. For the low price of $9.99 in the US ($11.99 in the EU), Fortwo owners can take advantage of tricks like an integrated Bing search, hands-free calling and streaming audio from over 10,000 internet radio stations. The app also ...

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    Find E85 ethanol at local fuel stations with your iPhone and new E85 Fuelfinder app

    Drivers using ethanol (specifically, E85) to fill up their vehicles can now use a new iPhone/iPod touch app to find nearby gas stations selling the biofuel. Sure, you can do some of the same things at Ethanol Retailer, but this is an app we're talking about. E85 Fuelfinder uses a built-in ...

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    DriveGain iPhone app helps drivers save fuel, reduce emissions

    When the discussion turns to apps for the iPhone, it's far easier to think of things that the iPhone can do than it is to come up with a list of stuff that it can't. DriveGain has introduced a new iPhone app that promises to save drivers up to $205 a year in fuel costs by following some simple ...

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    Bliss Trek brings leafy eco-driving app to the iPhone

    We're not quite sure why MaxQData is claiming that its new Bliss Trek iPhone application is the "first eco-driving application for iPhone" when there were at least five such applications available 11 months ago, but that's the PR angle. Bliss Trek has some neat features - it's sort of like a ...

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    Zipcar announces new iPhone app, gives new meaning to "unlocked" cell phone

    If you're not an Apple fanboy who's been hitting F5 repeatedly over on Engadget today, here's a green car tie-in from the big WWDC that's just wrapping up: your iPhone will soon be able to unlock the doors of your Zipcar rental vehicle. Yes, your phone can now tell your car what to do. It's only a ...

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    Peapod will use iPhone as nav system, green driving advisor, and - huh? - a key

    click to enlarge
    Last week at the New York Auto Show, we visited Peapod Mobility and got a good look at the duck-like car with the big smile. One thing that we noticed in the promotional booklet that Peter Arnell, the chief innovation officer at Peapod Mobility, gave us was a few pages on the ...


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