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    Motorsports: 2013 TT Zero proving to be a MotoCzysz vs Mugen showdown [w/video]

    Right now, ten teams are encamped on the Isle of Man during this TT motorcycle racing season with the goal of proving the worth of the electric racing motorcycles they've brought with them. With all three qualifying sessions now complete, markers have now been laid down and the shape of the 2013 ...

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    Two Wheels: Charge electric motorcycle race documentary comes to theaters this week

    For lovers of electric bike racing, director Mark Neale's documentary about the first-ever electric motorcycle competition that started on the Isle of Man TT course June 12, 2009, Charge, is now in theaters. The updated film chronicles racing teams preparing for the 2009 race, and their return in ...

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    Motoczysz most excellent video of E1pc electric motocycles racing the TT Zero

    No hyperbole. This is the coolest electric motorcycle racing footage ever. Motoczysz has just released a video featuring the 2010 and 2011 versions of its E1pc electric motorcycles competing against the clock and each other at this year's TT Zero. If you click on the link to it below, kiss the ...

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    Video: Charge takes us on a ride through green racing history on two wheels

    If you have an interest in electric motorcycles, or even just an appreciation of a well-told story about a game-changing event set in a mystical, modern-day anachronism, then Charge by Mark Neale is one movie you really should must see. It's the story of the birth of electric motorcycle road ...

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    Officially Official: TTXGP releases full list of participants

    Click above to enlarge the rendering of the electric motorcycle from Motoczysz
    Organizers for the upcoming TTXGP zero-emissions motorcycle race have finally released the full list of confirmed participants, which includes 24 motorcycles from 16 individual teams. We had been expecting to see teams ...

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    Brammo Enertia to take part in TTXGP

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Brammo Enertia
    Craig Bramscher has confirmed via Twitter and Facebook that Brammo Motorsports will take part in the upcoming zero emissions motorcycle race scheduled to take place as the Isle of Man in June called the TTXGP. The Brammo Enertia is a ...

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    EV-0 RR electric motorcycle to enter Isle of Man TTXGP

    Click above for a gallery of the EV-0 RR electric motorcycle
    In about three months, the first ever carbon-free grand prix will take place at the legendary Isle of Man event in the UK. Any carbon neutral two-wheeler is invited to participate, so electric machinery is naturally expected to be a ...

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    TTX01 electric motorcycle built for TTX GP

    The Isle of Man hosts a classic and influential motorcycle time trial every year, and 2009 will mark the first year that an alternative class is held in conjunction with the main proceedings (see here for our initial recap). The TTX GP, as it's being called, is intended to focus awareness on green ...

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    Isle of Man to run a clean emissions Grand Prix race next year

    Although this year's Isle of Man TT races have recently come to an end, many are already looking forward to next year's event. In 2009, for the first time ever, the normal races will be run alongside the world's first "clean emissions grand prix." The event organizers hope to prove that "being ...


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