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    Report: Used Better Place EVs sold at steep discount in Israel

    Half-off on electric vehicles that can go about three-quarters range on a single charge? That's more or less what the new owner of Better Place's battery-switching and EV-charging network in Israel is proposing for a bunch of Renault Fluence Z.E. vehicles that it has to get off of its hands. ...

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    Report: Did Better Place end up hurting EV industry in Israel, Denmark?

    Tennyson said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but when it comes to affection towards the dearly departed Better Place battery-swapping technology, Israeli and Danish drivers of plug-in vehicles may beg to differ. Those two countries were the first markets ...

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    Looking back on the Arab Oil Embargo, 40 years ago this week

    Well before the start of AutoblogGreen, well before there were blogs, before even the first production hybrid vehicle, there was the Arab Oil Embargo. It happened 40 years ago this week, which means now is as good a time as any to take a look back at a time when getting gas in the US was a ...

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    Exclusive: Yet another Better Place sale falls through; Iceland's NLE ready to buy

    It is apparently quite a hassle to buy the remains of Better Place. The last potential buyer, EV Net Group, missed a payment deadline at the end of September, leading a judge to void the purchase. The buyers were supposed to pay NIS 1.8 million (US$505,000), which was 20 percent of the total ...

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    Report: 'Captain Sunshine' not going to buy Better Place after all

    Solar pioneer "Captain Sunshine," aka Yosef Abramowitz, has failed in his bid to take over bankrupt company Better Place, which specializes in electric vehicle charging and battery swaps. Abramowitz, who built Israel's first commercial solar field about two years ago, failed to make a monthly ...

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    Report: Bankrupt Better Place sold to Sunrise group for about $12 million

    With a fresh, kid-friendly look on the official website (see above), there appears to be new life in Better Place. The Israeli electric vehicle charging and battery swap station company was approved for sale to Sunrise for almost $5 million. In May, Better Place announced bankruptcy ...

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    Report: Israel's 'Captain Sunshine' interested in buying Better Place

    The man known to some in Israel as "Captain Sunshine" may bring bankrupt battery-swapping firm Better Place out of the dark by potentially buying the company's assets, the Jerusalem Post reports. Yosef Abramowitz, who built Israel's first commercial solar field about two years ago, is in talks ...

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    Official: Renault takes Better Place bankruptcy in stride, says EVs are still a focus

    Renault says the recent bankruptcy filing by battery-swapping technology firm Better Place will do little to dissuade the automaker (and sister company Nissan) from continuing to try and boost electric-vehicle sales worldwide. Better Place's decision "does not at all call into question the ...

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    Official: Better Place announces bankruptcy, board says it 'stands by the original vision'

    It came as a shock when Better Place founder Shai Agassi was ousted as CEO last October, but today's announcement that the company will enter bankruptcy proceedings is a little less of a surprise. After all, since Agassi left, there have been layoffs, another CEO departure and a shut-down of ...

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    Report: Phinergy aluminum air battery good for 1,000-mile range

    Driving from Los Angeles to Seattle in an EV that merely requires a few sips of water along the way? Fantastic, sure, but that's pretty much what Israel-based Phinergy is promising with its "aluminum-air" battery, according to a Bloomberg News video. Phinergy is testing out a retrofitted Citroen ...

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    Report: Shai Agassi: Bill Clinton's best advice was that EVs should be free

    Shai Agassi has been pondering what it will take for electric vehicles to beat cheap gasoline-powered competitors. And he got some advice from former president Bill Clinton in 2006: giving away the car is a sure way to succeed. Clinton offered this advice a year before Agassi launched Better ...

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    Report: Better Place founder Shai Agassi still believes in swappable-batteries, subscription miles

    Shai Agassi's faith remains strong. The Better Place founder, who was removed as the company's CEO in October, still believes that a company that powers electric vehicles with swappable batteries and a subscription-based revenue model can be successful ... if operated properly. While declining ...

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    Official: Better Place swaps US, Australia operations for a focus on Israel, Denmark

    Better Place, the electric-vehicle battery-swapping technology developer, is swapping out its US and Australia operations to save cash and will focus its efforts on Denmark and Israel. The company, which had operated offices in California's Silicon Valley, referred to Denmark and Israel as "its ...

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    Official: Better Place's second CEO in four months steps down

    Better Place has long promoted itself to the electric-vehicle advocate community as the expert in battery-swapping technology. Turns out, the company is proficient at swapping out its CEOs, too. Evan Thornley, who became CEO in October, had been chief of the company's Australia operations before ...

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    Report: Better Place may lay off another 200 workers

    Better Place might not be such a good one when it comes to employment, given reports that the electric vehicle infrastructure network might fire as many as 200 workers. According to the Israels business publication Globes, Better Place, which at one point employed as many as 400 people in ...

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    Report: Better Place looking to raise another $100 million by issuing company stock

    Founder out, more cash in. That could be the synopsis for the past month of electric-vehicle battery-swapping network Better Place, which booted its founder and is now working on selling about $100 million in company equity by issuing company stock. Israel Corp., Better Place's biggest ...

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    Report: Better Place off to slow start in Israel market, says it's all part of the plan

    Based on the early numbers, Better Place is having a tough time meetings its initial sales target in its primary market of Israel of 4,000 electric vehicles in the first year, but the official word is that the slow start is meeting expectations. How slow? Since selling the first vehicles in July ...

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    Report: Campaign adviser's tough job: Get Mitt Romney to support EVs

    If you're campaigning for Mitt Romney and believe in the electrification of transportation, you're kind of between a rock and a hard place. While Romney previously had supported electric and other non-petroleum vehicles, more recently, he's shifted his focus to freedom from foreign oil through ...

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    Better Place Israel lowers rates, gives plug-in drivers 'a simpler and better deal'

    Better Place waited until its fleet of Renault Fluence plug-in vehicles was just about officially, commercially operational in Israel before letting customers know that the cost to drive the vehicles will be less than expected. Better Place's official launch, which happened this past weekend, ...

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    Report: Renault eyes Eastern Europe, South America for Twizy EV

    Little car, big plans. Renault is looking to expand distribution of its Twizy electric vehicle to countries such as Turkey, Israel, Japan and Singapore as well as South America after selling about 6,500 vehicles throughout Europe. This news comes courtesy of Technologic Vehicles, which cited an ...


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