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    Report: VW, Fiat, Mercedes could be CNG winners in Europe

    Fiat ads in the US try to play up the exotic, sexy side of Italian culture. On the home front in Italy, however, passenger-vehicle sales are marked by something less edgy and quite a bit more practical: the growth of compressed-natural-gas (CNG) powered car sales. In fact, Italy is leading a ...

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    Meet Tecnicar Lavinia, Italy's first electric supercar
    New EV Boasts 789 Horsepower, 180-Mile Range 1413721860

    Italian supercars are the objects of lust of people from all walks of life all over the globe. Many of us are guilty of having unframed posters of classic Ferraris taped to our childhood walls (maybe even those of our adulthood), and nothing turns heads quite like a Lamborghini cruising down the ...

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    Official: Car2go carsharing service will debut in Rome in mid-March

    When in Rome, folks can start using Daimler's Car2go car-sharing service. The Mercedes-Benz parent says its car-sharing fleet of Smart Fortwo two-seaters will be available in the Italian capital starting mid-March. Upon the debut, about 300 cars will be available, with another 200 added by April. ...

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    Two Wheels: CRP Energica prototype ridden ahead of production reveal [w/video]

    The production version of the CRP Energica Ego will be introduced to the world at the upcoming 2014 EICMA. Ahead of that reveal, the company brought a small group of motorcycle journalists to Volterra, Italy for an exclusive preview of the drivetrain as it sits in a prototype. Unveiled at last ...

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    Report: FIA Formula E electric car racing will come to Rome first in Europe [w/video]

    For the first-ever Formula One racing circuit featuring nothing but electric-powered cars, "When in Rome" has taken on a whole new meaning. The Italian capital will be the first in Europe to host an FIA Formula E series race, the UK's Telegraph reports. With Italy's long history in motorsports ...

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    Report: Pope's given Vatican's first electric car by NWG Auto [w/video]

    The Vatican City's about a fifth of a square mile in total, so it's not like range anxiety will be an issue. That's one upshot of the Pope recently being given the Vatican's first-ever electric vehicle. NWG Auto did the honors, donating Pope Benedict XVI an NWG Zero for what it says is his ...

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    Report: Italy hikes gas taxes to raise money for earthquake relief

    Tragedy is a relative concept. Some would call it a tragedy that, while Italy makes some of the most desirable (and gas-guzzling) cars on the market, it also has some of the highest fuel prices in Europe. But that unfortunate reality is far overshadowed by the two earthquakes that have struck the ...

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    Official: GM will use Italy unit to help build Cruze Diesel powertrains

    Torino may have been a Ford nameplate (and part of a Clint Eastwood film title), but the Italian city's presence in the U.S. auto industry will next be felt through General Motors. GM's Detroit engineers will work with engineers at the automaker's Torino, Italy, plant, on developing the ...

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    Report: Italian Environment minister: Hey Fiat, you missed the boat on EVs

    Italian automaker Fiat SpA missed a chance to benefit from growing global interest in electric-drive vehicles by giving up on some of its advanced-powertrain development efforts in favor of trying to develop more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines. That's the feeling of Corrado Clini, a ...

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    Germany, Italy, France argue over European plug standards for electric vehicles

    A scuffle over different types of connectors for plug-in vehicles has derailed Europe's attempt to adopt a standardized charging plug. According to EurActiv, this highlights "industrial jealousy" as the plug-in vehicle sector grows to enter the mainstream automotive market. The European Union's ...

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    Italian designers envision amazing Solar Wind bridge

    Bridges and wind turbines seem to be a match made in heaven; most bridges are generally quite tall where wind speeds are much higher and are often in exposed mountainous areas where significant cross winds develop. Obvious, right? So why does something like the "Solar Wind" bridge not already ...

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    Pininfarina negotiates deal that may terminate electric vehicle venture with Bollore

    2008 Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The pint-sized four-door car that debuted as the B0 concept at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2009 should hit the market as the electric Bluecar early next year. The battery-powered commuter, ...

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    Report: Driverless electric vans finish 8,000-mile journey

    Driverless electric van expedition arrives in China – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in July, a team of researchers from the European Research Council set out on an epic 8,000-mile journey from Italy to China through the Gobi desert. If that weren't daunting enough, the crew ...

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    Italian customs agents sieze illegal biodiesel imports from U.S.

    The various low-level legal skirmishes surrounding biodiesel continue. The latest took place in Italy in late March, where Italian customs authorities at the port of Venice seized 10,000 tons of biodiesel that was en route from Canada into Italy. Or was it? The problem with the biofuel, ...

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    Alfa Romeo introduces LPG-powered MiTo

    2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo Imola - Click for complete gallery
    Alongside the recently-launched MultiAir MiTos, Alfa Romeo has launched a dual-fueled LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) version of the Turbo 1.4-liter engine in the sexy hatchback. This model benefits from tax exemptions in many European ...

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    Italy extends its cash for clunkers program for 100,000 more vehicles

    The Italian cash for clunkers program was supposed to last until the end of 2009. However, there were voices that called for the extension of the program. Once such voice was Sergio Marchione, the CEO of Fiat, who said that there could be "severe social consequences" if the program was suddendly ...

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    Rent a Startlab in Bergamo, Italy to go all-electric

    Visitor to Bergamo, Italy now have an option to drive through town without an ICE by renting an all electric model from Puntogiallo. Although the elettrica is an NEV and cannot be driven on the Italian autostrada (freeway), it's quite suitable for city travel. The Italian-made model is called ...

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    Tata Nano beater in Lombardy: The €2,900 LPG Chevrolet Matiz

    Click on image for a complete gallery of the Chevrolet Matiz
    In Europe, you can get a Chevrolet for less money than some scooters. In fact, the price is lower than even the Tata Nano is expected to get when it's on sale in Europe: Starting with an MRSP of about €10,000, the price can be ...

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    Tuscany Health orders up 100 electric cars

    Tuscany Health is putting its money where its heart is and has ordered up 100 battery-operated vehicles with an eye to eventually replacing most of the 3,000 units in its traditionally-fueled fleet. Thought to be the largest order of its kind (so far) by a health care company in Europe, its ...

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    Giugiaro teases with the fastest hybrid in the world

    Click above to enlarge
    Italian king of auto design Giugiaro has just released a very tiny teaser of its new concept. We have no name or specifications yet, but Giugiaro's webpage shows us just a little bit of what this new car, dubbed "the fastest hybrid in the world," looks like. We also know ...


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