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    Exclusive: Bibendum 2014: ITM Power wants to make nearly free hydrogen. No, really
    Electrolyzers, Natural Gas And Grid Balancing Are The Keys 1415988120

    There's a problem that need solving when it comes to renewable energy. Where do you put it when it's not needed? Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, has what he says is the best answer: you turn it into hydrogen. Speaking at the 2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China this week, Cooley ...

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    Report: Hydrogen production via electrolysis getting cheaper

    ITM Power's managed to use electrolysis to boost hydrogen production efficiently enough to bring the refueling cost-per-mile cost of hydrogen down to about half of diesel fuel's refueling costs per mile. Yes, diesel in the UK, where ITM is based, is rather expensive (about $8 a gallon), but the ...

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    ITM Power shows off British-engineered, hydrogen-powered Ford Focus

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    The ITM/Roush Ford Transit van is not the only hydrogen-powered vehicle to make an appearance before UK government officials in late October. ITM Power showed off its converted Ford Focus to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP and Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP last week at ...

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    Roush Technologies converts Ford Transit van to hydrogen flex-fuel

    Roush Technologies has been working on flexible fuel vehicles for the last few years. Unlike most manufacturers, which seem to be focusing on using either ethanol or gasoline in their flex-fuel vehicles, Roush Technologies has been integrating compressed hydrogen power into normal internal ...

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    ITM Power now has a demonstration house with home hydrogen station

    We've written about ITM Power and their plans to build a home hydrogen generating station several times before. The British company now has a prototype unit running in a Sheffield along with a Ford Focus that has been converted to run on hydrogen. The hydrogen generator includes an electrolyzer to ...

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    Roush Technologies and ITM Power to partner on hydrogen fueling in Britain

    Britain's ITM Power is working with Roush Technologies to try and get hydrogen-fueled commercial vehicles on the road in the UK. Roush will expand their existing work on hydrogen fueling conversions for internal combustion engines to the UK market. The focus of the efforts, initially, will be on ...

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    ITM Power is back with more home-hydrogen promises

    Remember the home electrolyser "breakthrough" that ITM Power was all extcited about a few months ago? Well, it's back, and ITM is now describing how the rest of the home will operate with the system. The basic idea is that the electrolyser will make hydrogen using "increasingly available from wind, ...

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    ITM Power, a British hydrogen company, says it's reached a bi-fuel "breakthrough"

    The British company ITM Power said today it has a made a "major breakthrough" for petrol-to-hyrogen vehicle conversions. Let's see how much through this announcement breaks.ITM and the University of Hertfordshire have been working for about the last six months on putting hydrogen in IC enginesat ...

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    New research center will study hydrogen in IC engines

    The University of Hertfordshire will soon open the Sustainable Energy Tehnologies Centre (SETCE), and the goal is to build the world's "greenest" cars. The University has entered into a Knowledge Transfer Project with ITM Power to develop the use of elecrolytic hydrogen in internal combustion ...


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