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jaycie chitwood

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    Official: Colorado University finds Prius plug-in hybrids a hit; online assistance, not so much

    In 2008, Boulder, CO became the "first Smart Grid City in the nation." It wasn't just a name, it was a step along the way for the town to become a green energy incubator. A few years later, Toyota sponsored a test program with 28 Prius Plug-In Hybrid vehicles conducted by Colorado University. CU ...

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    SAE 2009: Toyota plug-in Prius (and 3rd-gen Prius) update

    To get a little bit of clarification on the reported 12-mile EV-only range that the plug-in Prius is achieving in current testing, we spoke with Toyota Prius vehicle specialist Stephanie Wohlgamuth, who is working at the Toyota booth here at the SAE World Congress. Wohlgamuth said that the number ...

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    EDTA 2008: Prototype Toyota plug-in Prius is locked, darn it

    click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the plug-in Prius
    At the EDTA Conference this week in DC, a nicely-decorated plug-in Prius sat in the Toyota booth. As you can see in this picture, the prototype was locked and this was duly noted in stickers on each door. We briefly spotted ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Toyota's Bob Carter and Jaycie Chitwood

    At the Chicago Auto Show ABG had the chance to sit down with Toyota's Bob Carter and Jaycie Chitwood. Bob is currently the Group VP for the Toyota Division and Jaycie is the Senior Strategic Planner. We talked about a range of issues including hybrid marketing, diesel, ethanol, hydrogen and weight ...

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    EVS23: We go for a ride in the plug-in Prius prototype (video)

    There are very official few plug-in Priuses currently cruising the world's streets. One of them was part of the Ride and Drive at EVS23, and there is no way we could pass up the chance to drive one. The trouble was, by the time it was our turn, the extra NiMH battery pack that provides up to ...


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