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john mcelroy

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    Video: Looking back at the Citation IV concept that likely shaped the GM EV1
    How Chevy's Time In The Wind Tunnel Taught GM An Aero Lesson 1408491900

    Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. We're not sure how that applies to the GM EV1, but we'd still like to share something from Autoline Daily, an online automotive new show with our friend John McElroy. He's been covering the business for decades now and recently found something ...

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    Opinion: Hydrogen fuel cells may get a shot at batteries after all

    What Changed DOE Secretary Steven Chu's Mind About Hydrogen Fuel Cells Natural gas now being retrieved from shale provides an enormous source of hydrogen. He'll never use the word "fracking," but thanks to that new drilling technique, the U.S. Secretary of Energy now admits he's changed ...

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    Opinion: Opinion: What if it turns out there's plenty of oil? [w/video]

    As the relative price of gasoline drops, people are not motivated to buy small, fuel efficient cars.
    All the top executives in the auto industry tell me that oil supplies will only get tighter this decade. They predict that fuel prices will do nothing but go up. And they say customers will be ...

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    Opinion: Opinion: Luxgen EV puts Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf on notice

    A Quick Spin In A Chinese EV Raises Eyebrows And Expectations

    This little company could soon make a big splash in the automotive world.
    Whether flashing down the highway or wending my way through Taipei's notoriously chaotic rush-hour traffic, I was duly impressed by Luxgen's battery-electric ...

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    Veteran journalist John McElroy calls for EV1 revival; too bad it's not that simple

    Over on our sister site Autoblog, veteran automotive journalist John McElroy writes a weekly column and this week, he's calling on GM to revive the EV1. Judging by the comments on various posts here on ABGm that's a sentiment many of you could clearly get behind. I've never actually answered that ...

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    John McElroy: All CAFE does is kill us slower

    You may have noticed that Autoblog has added a new writer to their staff. John McElroy is the host of Autoline Detroit which you may have seen on television. In his latest posting, McElroy, speaking of CAFE standards says, "This whole debate has focused on how many miles per gallon our cars get. ...

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    John McElroy on Autoblog: Small cars get big

    The topic of cheap cars has come up on our pages before, and John McElroy has shared his thoughts on the topic over at Autoblog. It looks like John will be contributing over at our sister site on a somewhat regular basis, this is his first posting. McElroy is the host of Autoline Detroit which you ...


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