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    Report: Expert: 54.5 mpg CAFE standard can be reached without many plug-ins

    Johnson Controls executive Brian Kesseler isn't likely to get any holiday presents this year from Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn or Tesla Motors head Elon Musk, but lots of other folks might be happy with what he has to say about automakers' efforts to reach stricter fleetwide fuel-economy ...

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    Official: Johnson Controls appeals Wanxiang's A123 purchase

    Johnson Controls isn't taking the bankruptcy sale of A123 Systems to the Chinese company Wanxiang lying down. Wanxiang won the bankruptcy court sale for $256 million on December 11 and, today, Johnson Controls has filed an appeal against the sale because it "objects to delay in payment of ...

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    Report: A123 loses $116 million US grant remainder due to Wanxiang acquisition

    Bankrupt lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems may have gained a new owner, but will lose a lot of money in the pending sale to China-based Wanxiang Group, Reuters reports, citing an unidentified US Energy Department official. Specifically, A123, which filed for bankruptcy in October, will ...

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    Report: A123 bidding starts soon from as many as four companies

    Let the bidding begin. In a few weeks, of course. A123 Systems will likely receive offers from at least four companies when the bankrupt lithium-ion battery pack maker starts receiving bids on December 6. Johnson Controls and China-based Wanxiang Group Corp. will likely be the lead bidders, ...

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    Report: A123 wants to access $50 million from Wanxiang

    Think of it as a refi going to the highest bidder. Bankrupt lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems is looking to access a $50 million loan from China-based auto-component maker Wanxiang, which is offering terms at an interest rate that's three percentage points lower than competing bidder ...

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    Electric drive industry responds to A123's bankruptcy, takeover by Johnson Controls

    Something interesting happened after A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy last week: the plug-in vehicle industry circled the wagons. AutoblogGreen received press releases and statements from a variety of electric vehicle (EV) players that, when taken as a whole, seem to indicate this particular ...

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    Report: Johnson Controls SC recycling center can process 14m vehicle batteries a year

    For companies such as Johnson Controls, Inc., there are opportunities to be had supplying advanced batteries for hybrids and electric vehicles. But where do all those advanced lithium batteries – and the older ones being pulled out today's hybrids – end up? Regulators, ...

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    Report: Johnson Controls responds to accusations of excessive lead pollution in China

    Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery has been in the spotlight after at least ten children were reportedly hospitalized in Shanghai's Kangqiao Industrial Zone due to ultra-high levels of lead in their blood. Initial reports suggest it was Johnson Controls' lead-acid battery production ...

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    Johnson Controls to construct $100 million stop-start battery factory in China

    Johnson Controls announced Wednesday that it's investing $100 million to construct a stop-start automotive battery factory in China. The facility will supply global and local automakers in Asia and is expected to gear up for production in early 2013. Kim Metcalf-Kupres, vice president strategy, ...

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    Official: Johnson Controls and Saft agree to terminate lithium-ion joint venture

    Last week, Johnson Controls and Saft announced that they have agreed to dissolve their joint lithium-ion motive battery joint venture that they formed back 2006. The parties' agreement to terminate their tie up will put an end to legal proceedings between the two firms. Under the terms of the ...

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    White House says job growth will come from higher mpg standards

    Yesterday, President Obama visited the Johnson Controls advanced battery manufacturing plant in Holland, MI (pictured) and talked about how cleaner cars will add jobs to the American economy. The White House blog chimed in, saying that there is a direct connection between the new fuel efficiency ...

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    Johnson Controls to nearly triple its investment in stop-start battery tech

    U.S. automotive supplier Johnson Controls says that, over the next two years, it will nearly triple its investment in two German facilities that manufacture batteries for vehicles equipped with stop-start technology. Alex Molinaroli, head of the Johnson Controls' automotive battery division, told ...

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    Use of stop-start technology to triple by 2016?

    Johnson Controls says that the number of vehicles equipped with micro-hybrid technology (a.k.a. stop-start or idle-stop) will at least triple within five years as automakers strive to develop vehicles with improved fuel efficiency. Globally, Johnson Controls figures, stop-start tech will be ...

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    Johnson Controls takes legal action to end battery joint venture with Saft

    On Wednesday, Johnson Controls (JC) took legal action in the Delaware Chancery Court to dissolve the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture. Formed back in 2006, JC's joint venture with Saft focuses solely on developing and manufacturing lithium-ion motive battery solutions. Alex Molinaroli, ...

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    Johnson Controls breaks ground on $150m lead acid battery recycling plant

    Recently, Johnson Controls broke ground on its fully-integrated lead-acid battery recycling facility located in Florence, S.C. The plant, called the Florence Recycling Center, is slated to open sometime in 2012 and will employ an estimated 250 workers. Johnson Controls will invest more than $150 ...

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    Detroit 2011: Johnson Controls unveils prismatic ie:3 electric concept

    Johnson Controls ie:3 concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Johnson Controls (JC) rolled out its ie:3 demonstrator at this year's Detroit Auto Show. The ie:3, which showcases JC's six-inch thick 23-kWh lithium ion battery pack in the hollowed-out shell of a Kia Soul, demonstrates ...

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    SURVEY SAYS: 88% of Americans believe hybrid leadership is crucial to U.S. - Do you?

    We Americans want hybrid leadership. We want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Trouble is, most of us aren't willing to pay for it. Johnson Controls surveyed 2,309 adults on all matters hybrid, and it found that 84% of Americans believe the government should support the advancement of hybrid ...

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    Johnson Controls boss confident in li-ion tech, worries about supply base

    Click the plug-in hybrid Escape for a high res gallery
    Michael Andrews, director-government affairs at Johnson Controls, is like most in the auto industry: he now believes that lithium ion battery technology will prove to be technologically viable. The problem as Andrews sees it is the ...

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    Detroit 2009: Johnson Controls shows off re3 concept

    Click above for a gallery of the Johnson Controls re3 concept
    Johnson Controls is a name familiar to many in the automotive world as a Tier 1 supplier of parts - usually interior bits like seats and electronic gadgetry - to automakers all over the world. In an effort to show off some of the ...

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    BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid to use batteries from Johnson Controls-Saft

    BMW's upcoming 7 Series ActiveHybrid (where do they come up with these names, anyway?) will use a 120 volt lithium ion battery pack that will be supplied by Johnson Controls-Saft. That battery will be assembled at the Johnson Controls-Saft production facility in Nersac, France. BMW will place the ...


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