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    Recharge Wrap-up: Road-tripping in a Tesla Model S, Big Oil's tax advantage
    Zap, Jonway To Make The Most Of China's EV Policy 1407161640

    Zap is poising itself to take advantage of China's extension of its electric vehicle incentive program. The government will be offering rebates on EVs, forgiving sales taxes and licensing fees, installing EV charging infrastructure and other measures to encourage adoption of zero-emission ...

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    Official: Zap readies new urban EV 'Urbee' for smoggy China

    Zap Jonway is introducing an urban electric vehicle whose name frankly makes it sound a little bit like a stuffed animal. It's called the "Urbee." Batteries are included. Zap Jonway, whose Zap parent is based in Santa Rosa, CA, and whose Jonway subsidiary is in Zhejiang, China, showed off the ...

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    Report: Zaptera says Aptera USA will push on with gas, electric versions of three-wheel vehicle

    The never-ending attempted flight of the Aptera three-wheel design continues. After years of struggles and a bankruptcy in 2011, the Aptera assets were revived last year by a Chinese company, Zap Jonway. Zaptera USA, which now owns the Aptera Motors assets, has announced that Aptera will be split ...

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    Beijing: Zaptera! The Aptera 2e resurfaces in China as Zap Jonway product *UPDATE

    You know that feeling you get when, after a few years, you remeet your biggest crush from high school and begin fantasizing about actually hooking up for real, only to be jerked back to harsh reality by the appearance of their present paramour? Well then, that is the emotional roller coaster we ...

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    Zap merges with China's Jonway Automobile

    We'll level with you on this one. We all know that Zap has seemingly had some, ahem... interesting business practices in the past. And we're not really sure what to make of this latest news, either. With that in mind, here's the main point: Zap has merged (or bought, depending on your viewpoint) ...

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    Zap Alias electric trike to be built in China by Jonway

    Zap Alias – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Santa Rosa California based Zap has expanded its relationship with Chinese automaker Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. Ltd. to include manufacturing of the Alias electric trike. The Alias is a battery-powered two-seater that Zap has been in ...

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    Beijing 2010: Zap introduces electric taxi based on old Rav4 knock-off [w/video]

    At press conference ahead of the Beijing Motor Show, Steve Schneider, CEO of Zap introduced his company's latest effort, an electric taxi. Like previous Zap products, the taxi is to be produced in China. This one will built by a joint venture between Zap and electric meter manufacturer Holley ...

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    Zap announces order for 100 electric SUVs in Korea; will they deliver?

    Zap's electric SUV – Click above for high-res image
    What is Samyang, a Korean company known for its camera lenses, doing ordering 100 electric vehicles (EVs) from Zap, the electric car company with a less-than-stellar record of actually delivering full-fledged EVs? Who knows, but that's ...


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