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    Official: Ford will start familiar-sounding Ford2go carsharing service in Germany

    With more than a half-million words in the English language and 10 digits to choose from, Ford had ample opportunity to not name its new European carsharing service pretty much the same as a competing service operated by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler. Alas, opportunity squandered. Sometime before ...

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    Not Coming to America: Redesigned Ford Ka, Ranger

    2009 Ford Ka - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford CEO Alan Mulally has said a couple of times that he'd like to see the diminutive and highly efficient Ford Ka sold here in the States, though we always questioned whether it would actually happen. Wonder no more, as Mulally has just come ...

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    Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko drives first Ford Ka; UK Ka prices start at 7,995

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    Ford sure know how to place its product. From the small screen (see Fringe) to the silver screen, the company works hard to get its vehicles featured and then tell us all about it. The latest example is in the new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, but it's not good old Jimmy whose ...

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    Production Ford Ka leaked on the interwebs

    Click above to enlarge this image of the 2009 Ford Ka.We've been seeing spy shot after spy shot of Ford's upcoming second-generation Ka minicar, so it's nice to see it in production form via a leaked photo on the internet ahead of its official unveiling. While the original Ka has been around since ...

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    James Bond changes his Aston Martin for a Ford Ka

    I still have to decide if this is just a measure to save money or to save CO2, but James Bond's upcoming film will feature the new but humble Ford Ka instead of an Aston Martin. According to News of the Word, the first scene of the upcoming "Quantum of Solace" will feature a car chase where James ...

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    New Ford Ka debuts in Brazil

    Ford of Brazil has officially introduced the second generation of the tiny Ka [Edited: At leeast for Brazil], a model that will be put on sale in January. Europe's version of the model will be introduced by the end of next year, with no significant changes from the model pictured here (get more ...

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    More info on the second generation Ford Ka

    The Brits at CAR have the scoop yet again on another upcoming car that we may or may not see in the US. This time they have details on the new second-generation Ford Ka. The first-generation Ka was based on the chassis of the Ford Fiesta, but the new one shares mechanicals with the new Fiat 500 and ...

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    Ford promises to keep the Ka affordable in Europe

    The first generation Ford Ka was built off of the same platform as the larger Fiesta in Europe but the new upcoming model will share a platform with the recently announced Fiat 500. While Fiat has decided to follow the path of the MINI as a premium small car, Ford has decided to try and keep the ...


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