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    Report: Kandi EV vending machine is carsharing for $3.25 an hour in China

    China's cities are blanketed by toxic haze with air pollution that can shut down places like Beijing. Of course, there are many citizens who want to move from a scooter to a car, but that could create more pollution. In steps carsharing, and an idea from Kandi Technologies Group that its small ...

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    Report: Geely, Kandi form partnership focused on electric vehicles

    Geely and Kandi Technology have plugged themselves together to research, develop, produce and market EVs together. The initial investment is a billion yuan ($160 million US) to fund the partnership, and each partner retains a 50-50 share. It looks like a match made in green heaven, with both ...

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    Official: Volvo parent Geely will work with Kandi on low-speed electric vehicles

    China's Geely Automobile Holdings, which bought Volvo three years ago, is still making news. This time, the vehicles in question are just a bit smaller. Geely and Kandi Technologies have announced that they will work together to further develop EV technology and increase sales. For those with a ...

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    Official: Kandi sells first 5,000 EVs to Hangzhou, China for just $6,300* each

    How does one say "batteries not included" in Chinese? Kandi Technologies' Zhejiang Kandi Vehicles Co. division, which reached what's regarded as the largest-ever electric-vehicle distribution agreement in China with the city of Hangzhou in July, has settled on a price and delivery date for the ...

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    Official: Kandi EV gets 20,000 orders in Hangzhou, China

    When a Chinese city of more than 8 million people talks, electric-vehicle makers listen. In this case, Kandi Technologies has received a huge EV distribution agreement with the city of Hangzhou that will see 20,000 vehicles leased throughout the city in an effort to test vehicle-to-grid ...

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    Forget the Tata Nano, Oklahomans can get a new electric car for $865!

    When automotive talk turns cheap, the most common vehicle that comes up is the Tata Nano, which currently holds the title as the Cheapest New Car in the World and is only available in India. So, Americans, how would you like to snag a brand-new electric car for the low, low price of just $865 ...

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    Kandi looking to enter U.S. market

    Click above to see more vehicles from Kandi
    Over the last few years, there has been an amazing influx of Chinese motorcycles, scooters and all terrain vehicles. Many of the products coming in from overseas have a horrible record for quality, but there have been a few gems along the way as well. ...


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