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    Video: This is what it takes to build a Tesla Supercharger

    One construction company has taken a seven-day process and shrunk it down to about seven minutes in a new video that shows a Tesla Supercharger being built. And the video comes with some cool bluegrass music. Only in the USA. Electric Conduit Construction took a time-lapse video of its building ...

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    Official: Kansas City says it's more than ready for plug-in cars

    San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles and the Raleigh-Durham region are among the US metropolitan areas most often cited to be the most electric-vehicle ready in terms of charging infrastructure. Now, Kansas City wants to be added to that list. The Kansas City metropolitan area, whose 14 ...

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    Official: Kansas Petroleum Council warns drivers against pumping E15

    Here are the facts: currently, E15, the newly approved higher blend of ethanol (15 percent) in gasoline (85 percent), is only on sale at one fuel station in the U.S. That Kansas gas station, as we noted last week, requires buyers to purchase at lease four gallons of the fuel at a time, so as to ...

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    Report: E15 now available, at one lone gas station in Kansas

    A Phillips 66 gas-station in Kansas is the first in the U.S. to offer gas with a 15 percent blend of ethanol – aka E15 – to non-flex fuel vehicles, the New York Times reports. The station will have a formal opening next week. The Phillips 66 is located in Lawrence, KS, about 15 miles ...

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    University of Kansas' Meridian UAV will fly over Arctic ice

    Usually, when we cover things like airplanes, it's because they are powered by alternative energy sources, like solar. Sometimes, we focus on flying machines which are lighter than air. This one, though, has caught our interest for another reason entirely, namely, taking detailed pictures and ...


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