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katie fehrenbacher

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    Read This: The long, tough road ahead for Lit Motors

    We live in a skeptical world. When it comes to upstart green vehicle manufacturers, there is no end to the people who will line up to say "That's cool, but it just ain't going to happen." And for good reason: the shoulder of the road to viability is a parking lot of electric this and hybrid that. ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive tries the 2012 Mitsubishi i in San Francisco

    While we've already driven the 2012 Mitsubishi i and shared both its vital statistics and our impressions, we thought you might appreciate a second opinion. The video series Green Overdrive offers just that. With Katie Fehrenbacher behind the wheel, the crew spent a day with the all-electric, ...

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    VIDEO: Lit Motors looks to light up electric vehicle market with cargo scooter

    Electric bicycles and scooters are expected to be a huge part of the future mobility picture and Lit Motors aims to be in the frame, beginning with a folding cargo scooter that we've got to say is pretty darn cool. Perhaps even more cool is the C1, a self-balancing enclosed motorcycle they are ...

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    Refuel 2010 at Laguna Seca gives Kleenspeed 2nd SportElectric TT trophy [w/video]

    Kleenspeed West WX10 at Refuel 2010 – Click above to watch video after the break
    The recently held Refuel 2010 gave some electric vehicle owners and developers an opportunity to have some Laguna Seca track time and a shot at trophies for the quickest hot lap. For the second year in a row, ...


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