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    Official: Local Motors Verrado Electric Trike drifts past Kickstarter goal

    Well, it looks like Local Motors has blown by its fundraising goal for its Verrado Electric Drift Bike by a cool $6,000 so far. Riding sideways, of course. As it should be. The company put its electric drift trike on Kickstarter earlier this month and raised 50 percent of its $20,000 goal within ...

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    EV coloring book Kickstarter project should answer all those chainsaw questions

    How hard is it to sell an electric car? According to Ayumi Kim, who works at a Tesla Store, it can be a challenge. People come in with the strangest questions, like "Can you plug in a chainsaw into the cigarette lighter?" or "What happens if I hit a wombat with this car?" Yes, a wombat. Instead ...

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    Official: Derringer electric bike pedaling uphill in Kickstarter campaign

    Derringer, an upscale custom bicycle maker is trying to raise enough funds on Kickstarter to make the electric bicycle you see above. The problem is that the company needs about $8,300 a day for the next week or so to make the Kickstarter campaign a success. Through Kickstarter, the Los ...

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    Acton spins the Kickstarter wheel again with M Scooter [w/video]

    It's a small niche that's home to a wide variety of vehicles, but if it's innovative enough, there just might be room for one more. The M Scooter from Acton is the latest personal electric transporter (PET) to get our attention. Designed to tackle "the last mile" of the commute, local errands, or ...

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    EMW's JuiceBox Level 2 Charger a hit on Kickstarter for just $109

    Plug In America worked hard to keep the federal infrastructure tax credit for EV charge stations active through 2013, but when the price of a home charger drops to $109, a 30-percent credit isn't that big of a deal. Sure, there are a lot of caveats here, but the cost of getting your home ready to ...

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    Official: DIY electric bikes made easy with Rubbee [w/video]

    Hey, it may not be the coolest looking thing in the world, but the newfangled Rubbee electric-bike kit will get you across town without pedaling. Or at least, some towns. UK-based Rubbee is looking to raise funds via Kickstarter to expand production for a roller-like contraption that may be ...

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    Video: Kickstart new web video series on increasing fuel efficiency, Ain't Fuelin'

    You, too, can help fund a video series in which used cars are retrofitted (in a minor way) to get better gas mileage. Consider it your contribution to the ecology. Daniel Gray of Princeton, NJ, is pitching a YouTube series called Ain't Fuelin', in which top-selling cars like the Honda Civic, Kia ...

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    Official: Green Car Journal wants to Kickstart 20th anniversary edition [w/video]

    The unsurprising fact is, print is more expensive than publishing news online. But when Green Car Journal got started in 1992, Ron Cogan couldn't have envisioned publishing a blog about green cars – the Internet as we know it didn't exist back then. After starting at a time when it took good ...

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    Can crowdfunding support the electric transportation revolution? Kickstarter seems to say no

    Kickstarter is an amazing idea: let people with ideas pitch them directly to the masses with money. For alternative-powered vehicles, though, the website has not been too successful in bringing about people-powered change. Perhaps that's because the big OEMs are already providing the new and ...


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