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    Report: What to do if you run out of juice in your Tesla Model S

    After writing about their Tesla Model S running out of juice on the side of the road between Las Vegas and Barstow, CA recently (read about it here), the fine folks at Teslarati figured they had some 'splainin' to do. The brief explanation is headwinds. Yes, headwinds. A Model S has about 10 ...

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    Report: Even hardcore Tesla fans can get stranded sometimes

    Driving a few laps around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a Tesla Model S can be quite a treat. Driving between Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Sometimes, not so much. The fine folks at Teslarati had the good fortune of taking the all-electric luxury sedan for a few spins around the racetrack near ...

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    Official: Toyota bringing hydrogen fuel-cell concept, test mule to CES in January

    Jackpot! Las Vegas will appropriately be the site of a little showtime on the part of Toyota and its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle development efforts. The Japanese automaker will use the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Sin City to showcase both the FCV concept vehicle (in its first North ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius will get fully pimped by NASCAR team [w/video]

    Custom-car enthusiasts who have been waiting for the day when a Toyota Prius gets tricked out, the time has come. Four race teams – two from NASCAR and two from the NHRA – are being given stock Toyota models to customize, and Charlotte-based RKM Performance Center is going to do the ...

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    Sin City's illegal activities include falsifying vehicle emissions tests

    How's this for a peek into the Las Vegas underworld? The U.S. Department of Justice indicted ten men in Vegas Friday for falsifying vehicle emissions tests. Some men allegedly falsified about 250 vehicles, but one did over 700. Because the air in some parts of Nevada, including Las Vegas, has ...

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    Sin City orders up 26 CNG-powered stretch limos for new CityCenter

    CNG stretch limo - click to enlarge
    The giant CityCenter that is under construction in Las Vegas – which, at a cost of $8 billion, it is the largest single privately funded development in U.S. history, say the developers – certainly has the funds to invest in some green enhancements. ...

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    CES 2009: Garmin eco-route software upgrade promotes fuel-efficiency

    Garmin, one of the most well-known satellite navigation device manufacturers, has developed new software that can help motorists save gas. Announced at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening now in Las Vegas, the software, called ecoRoute, allows any Garmin nüvi user ...

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    Drop the family at Disney, take MagLev to Vegas

    Gamblers with families might start humming "It's a small world after all" if plans for a high-speed maglev train between Disneyland and Las Vegas continues to go forward. The "technical corrections" legislation that was recently passed freed up $42 million from a 2005 transportation bill to go ...

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    Las Vegas opens solar powered hydrogen generating and filling station

    When it comes to utilizing solar power, being in a desert is a good place to be. That makes Las Vegas a prime location for solar applications. The Las Vegas Valley Water District and the UNLV Research Foundation have opened a solar-powered hydrogen generation and fueling station. The Vegas Water ...

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    Consultant declares biodiesel has worse economics than ethanol

    Speaking at the Power-Gen conference in Las Vegas, managing consultant Michele Rubino has been reported as posing the question, "which makes more sense: ethanol or biodiesel?" Rubino, who works at Navigant Consulting, didn't hesitate to say that it was ethanol that made more sense and that ...

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    Hybrid taxis in San Francisco doing great, New York fleet still too new to know

    The Ford Escape hybrid taxis that are rolling through the streets of San Francisco I mentioned last week are getting good reviews from apparently everyone, according to The Auto Channel: drivers, cab company owners and riders. Drivers are saving about $20 to $30 a shift on gas and getting bigger ...

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    Lexus hybrid test drive exclusive video

    Autospies has a video up of their test drive of the new GS450h Lexus hybrid. The reviewer’s write-up of the drive through the desert near Las Vegas is a tad hyperbolic, but we’ll forgive for now. According to the review, anyone who likes to drive a powerful motor without quite the ...


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