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    Study: Cooler-colored cars are up to 2 percent more fuel efficient than darker-colored ones

    If there's one thing we've learned while watching the auto industry scramble to increase the fuel efficiency of its vehicles, it's that there's fuel to be saved everywhere you look, if you look hard enough. But would you have ever thought that fuel savings could be found in a car's ...

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    Report: New metal catalyst could lead to cheap hydrogen production

    Splitting water into its constituent elements – hydrogen and oxygen – is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is pass an electric current through it and the molecules will break up ... slowly. Doing it efficiently requires the addition of a catalyst. Unfortunately, as in so many ...

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    BP sinks $500 million into bioscience research

    BP has pledged to put $500 million into a new research program that will investigate how bioscience can boost energy production and reduce energy's environmental impacts. A number of institutions have been selected to join with BP in the new Energy Biosciences Institute including the University of ...

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    DOE allots $100M in fuel cell funding through 2010

    On Tuesday, while speaking to the Council on Competitiveness and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Energy Department Secretary Samuel Bodman announced that $100 million has been awarded to 25 fuel cell research and development projects. Bodman said, "We expect hydrogen to play an ...


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