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    Official: Hyundai Elantra subject of class-action lawsuit for 'misleading 40 MPG' ads

    'Your mileage may vary.' We're all used to seeing those words at the end of any advertisement that mentions fuel mileage, and we all know what it means: Not all drivers will get exactly the same mileage, and oftentimes what you get will be lower than what it says on the car's window ...

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    Official: NRG says $102 million EV station plan will create $185 million in spending

    NRG Energy, whose $122.5 million agreement to build a so-called "Electric Expressway" of electric-vehicle charging stations spurred a lawsuit against the state of California by smaller competitor Ecotality, says the agreement will produce about 80 percent more economic activity that it costs and ...

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    Report: Ecotality sues over NRG's $120m electric vehicle charging station settlement

    The lawsuit settlement we reported on a few weeks ago – the one that was supposed to result in a $100 million commitment to build up plug-in vehicle infrastructure in California – is coming under fire. The short back story (you can find all the details here. It involves the whole ...

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    Official: California lawyer pitches class-action services in wake of overturned Honda fuel-economy ruling

    There is safety in numbers, and not the kind put out by the EPA. That's what one California-based attorney representing class-action claimants against General Motors and Hyundai is saying in the wake of Heather Peters' now-unsuccessful attempt to sue Honda over allegedly overstating fuel economy ...

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    Report: Class-action settlement over Honda Civic Hybrid mileage claims approved

    A class-action lawsuit between American Honda Motor Co. and plaintiffs who claimed the Japanese automaker overstated fuel-economy figures on Honda Civic Hybrids has been approved by a San Diego Superior Court Judge. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the lawsuit involves about 460,000 ...

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    Report: Tesla libel suit against Top Gear fails again

    Tesla and the company's lawyers are nothing if not determined. After a judge smacked down the electric vehicle manufacturer's libel suit against the BBC and Top Gear for comments made about the range of the Tesla Roadster, the automaker rallied with a second, amended lawsuit. It didn't take long ...

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    Report: Civic Hybrid class-action deadline for attorneys general's response extended

    The deadline for five states to respond to a settlement stemming from a class-action lawsuit from Honda Civic Hybrid owners was extended by a San Diego County superior court judge, the Los Angeles Times reported. Judge Timothy Taylor extended the deadline for five state attorneys general – ...

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    Report: Analyst predicts Fisker's demise; spokesman says that's premature

    Hiccup or death knell? That's what watchers of California-based automaker Fisker Automotive are trying to figure out after the maker of the Karma extended-range plug-in luxury sedan laid off about 65 workers and contractors in Delaware and California while renegotiating loan details with the ...

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    Report: NHTSA sued over unintended acceleration probe of 2003 Toyota Prius

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was sued by an auto-safety firm over the federal regulator's probe into the possible case of unintended acceleration in a 2003 Toyota Prius, the New York Times said, citing legal documents filed by the firm. Massachusetts-based Safety ...

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    Report: Neil Young's company sued for $500,000 over LincVolt fire

    Neil Young once wrote a song titled "Don't Let It Bring You Down," but this could do just that. A company founded by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer was sued for almost $500,000 for a San Francisco Bay Area garage fire allegedly caused by a classic Lincoln Continental that was (and still is) ...

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    Report: L.A. Superior Court doesn't rule on Honda Civic Hybrid small claims court case

    Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Douglas G. Carnahan was presented this week with the small claims court case by a Los Angeles-based Honda Civic Hybrid owner who alleged fuel-economy misrepresentation, but declined to rule on the case and said he will mail out the decision, the Los ...

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    Medium-duty truck fuel regulations under legal fire

    A legal firm representing a small group of construction companies, dump truck operators, and contractors has filed suit to block new fuel economy standards for medium-duty trucks. In August, the EPA and NHTSA jointly announced the first fuel economy standards that affect both medium and heavy ...

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    Report: Judge: Tesla will need to prove financial damage to win suit

    Tesla's much publicized lawsuit against Top Gear has not been going well for the upstart electric car company. The British judge hearing the case tossed out the automaker's libel claim, and now this. According to The Guardian, Justice Tugendhat has issued a written judgment ordering Tesla to show ...

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    Report: Report: Ford near terms on seven-year-old Rouge plant cleanup lawsuit

    The Detroit News reports that Ford is close to wrapping up a lawsuit that's been in the works for the past seven years. Ford originally sued the federal government by claiming that the feds should share a portion of the costs tied to cleaning up the company's Rogue manufacturing complex. The site ...

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    Tesla: Top Gear libel suit defends the honor of electric vehicles

    Tesla's libel suit against Top Gear for the show's 2008 review of Roadster is apparently about more than just some erroneous statements made regarding Tesla's electric Roadster. Myra Pasek, a London-based spokeswoman for the automaker, claims that Tesla is suing to defend the honor of electric ...

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    Tecnomatic sues Remy for $110 million over hybrid stator fraud

    Tecnomatic is suing Remy for $110 million for "fraud and breach of fiduciary duty" over something we have to assume most readers haven't ever heard much about: proprietary stator technology and stator winding technology. A stator, as Wiki tells us, is the stationary part of a rotor system, for ...

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    Suit filed against estate of pilot in Tesla employee plane crash incident

    Last February, a tragic plane crash in East Palo Alto, CA claimed the lives of three Tesla Motors employees: Doug Bourn, who was piloting the plane, Andrew Ingram and Brian Finn. Now, almost a year since the twin-engine Cessna crashed after clipping power lines on that fateful foggy day, Sherina ...

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    Judge rules Renault can use Zoe name

    Renault Zoe concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Much to the chagrin of some French women and girls, a judge ruled on Wednesday that automaker Renault can apply the Zoe badge to its upcoming electric hatch. Lawyer David Koubbi, who argued on behalf of two children named Zoe ...

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    Amusing: Zoe Renault doesn't want there to be an electric car called the Renault Zoe

    Renault Zoe Z.E. concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Any marketing person will tell you that coming up with the right name is one of the most difficult aspects of launching a new product. Big companies will spend millions of dollars researching names to make sure that they ...

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    Toyota's long hybrid patent fight with Paice continues in court

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota's legal battle to over making and selling the Hybrid Synergy Drive has a long history. Toyota has fought with both Solomon Technologies and Paice LLC over the gasoline-electric technology. In 2008, Toyota was ordered to pay ...


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