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    Followup: Off radar, Coda now dealing with multiple supplier lawsuits

    Another ominous sign for Coda Automotive: multiple lawsuits filed by suppliers who claim they are owed money. This comes after Coda laid of about 50 employees in December and then furloughed a few more in January; news has surfaced of four lawsuits filed since June of last year. EDAG Group, an ...

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    Breaking: More layoffs at Coda Automotive

    Details are sparse, but it appears the bad news is continuing at Coda Automotive. The company sent the following statement to AutoblogGreen today: On Friday, January 4th CODA furloughed a number of employees as the Company takes necessary action to bolster its financing and better position ...

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    Report: Better Place may lay off another 200 workers

    Better Place might not be such a good one when it comes to employment, given reports that the electric vehicle infrastructure network might fire as many as 200 workers. According to the Israels business publication Globes, Better Place, which at one point employed as many as 400 people in ...

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    Report: BYD continues to struggle, massive layoffs coming soon

    Chinese automaker BYD, backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, continues to tumble down a rocky road. On Wednesday, Shanghai Daily reported that BYD is expected to lay off up to 70 percent of its workforce after a decline in sales led to a net profit of only 266.74 million yuan ($41.2 million ...

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    Economic downturn hits the hydrogen economy

    If some governments proudly say that the way out of our economic problems is by investing in new technologies, here's a story that shows that they might not be right. One important player in the so-called "hydrogen economy," Air Products (previous posts), is dealing with the hard times by laying ...


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