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    Read This: Why leasing a new EV is better than buying used

    The old saying goes that when you buy a used car, you're buying somebody else's problems. And when it comes to electric vehicles, you're also not getting the benefit of any purchase tax breaks. Maybe you should just lease a new one. That's the conclusion of a new article in Wired, which compares ...

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    Official: Tesla's new $408 per month business lease deal for Model S reminds us of last 'revolutionay' deal

    Almost exactly a year ago, Tesla Motors announced what it called a "revolutionary" lease deal for the Model S. Since the electric automaker used some unusual assumptions in its calculations to get to a headline-worthy $500-a-month "true cost of ownership," the company had to quickly change its ...

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    Official: BMW i3 will come with unusual 'OwnersChoice' non-lease option

    In case you were interested in driving a BMW i3 but were afraid of getting into a traditional lease, there's some good new for you. We think. BMW recently announced that it would offer something called "OwnersChoice" and "OwnersChoice with Flex" to make the elegant city EV an easier purchase. Or ...

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    Report: $99/month EV lease deals still out there, in some places

    Has the electric-vehicle market really gotten to the point where folks can take out a lease for less than C-note per month? Yes, if you're interested in a Mitsubishi i of Smart ForTwo EV, Plug In Cars has found. As Mitsubishi prepares to bring in the 2015 model-year version of the i, it's ...

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    Official: Expensive Cadillac ELR at least comes with free Level 2 home charger

    "But wait, there's more!" Anyone who's watched late-night television is familiar with the telltale phrase of a spokesman looking to reel in a potential customer who may otherwise be disinterested in what's being advertised. Now, General Motors, faced with selling the first Cadillac extended-range ...

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    Official: Smart Forwto ED lease drops to just $139/month

    At $25,000, the new 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive was always a good deal, but the low new lease price we just found still manages to surprise. Mentioned over at Kelley Blue Book, the lease price is an official $139 a month, putting it well below the previous-gen's lease price of $599 a month ...

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    Official: Honda Fit EV lease drops to $259 with no down payment, unlimited miles

    When we heard Fiat announce the $199 lease price for the all-electric 500e, we figured it would have a big effect on the electric vehicle market. After all, $200 a month for an EV makes a lot of sense for a lot of commuters. The next EV to get a price tag was the 2014 Chevy Spark EV, which ended ...

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    VW XL1 likely to be available for lease only

    When we drove the Volkswagen XL1, the incredibly efficient plug-in diesel hybrid pod that gets something like 261 miles per gallon, we learned that Volkswagen is only going to make 250 of them. We later heard it was unlikely to come to the US, which isn't all that surprising. What VW hasn't been ...

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    Official: Chevy Spark EV priced at $27,495; will lease for $199/month

    The Nissan Leaf, the Fiat 500e and now the 2014 Chevy Spark EV 1LT. Three different electric hatchbacks that can all be had for the same low lease price: $199 per month. The Spark even has the same appealing $999 down payment as the Fiat (the Leaf's is $1,999) and both require 36-month leases, so ...

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    Official: Tesla lowers Model S financing costs, guarantees highest resale value of any luxury sedan

    "We decided we were wrong and other people were right and we decided to fix it." A month ago, Tesla Motors announced what it called a "revolutionary" financing option, and waved some magic pixie dust around to come up with a monthly cost of like $500. Today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a ...

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    Official: Fiat 500e priced at $32,500, leases start at $199/month

    Something interesting happened on the way to make the 2014 Fiat 500e a real car. As the idea for the car was bandied about in public for many years, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne complained bitterly, saying the only reason the car was coming to market was because mean ol' California was ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf battery lease available in UK for £70 a month

    Buy an EV, lease the battery. In the UK, this uncommon financing scheme will be available to anyone interested in a 2013 Nissan Leaf. Brits can get a Leaf for as little as £15,990 (about $24,000 US) once the government's £5,000 ($7,700) EV incentive is factored in. Then, leases start ...

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    Official: Tesla increases lease calculator costs; Supercharging, 'mystery' announcement coming soon

    Even Tesla Motors hasn't totally figured out the details of the just-announced Model S "lease" program. Yesterday, when the financial product was first revealed, the small print on the company's online calculator described a 66-month loan and a tiered monthly payment structure, depending on which ...

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    Official: Tesla announces 'revolutionary' lease option for Model S starting at $1,050/month

    Just how "revolutionary" you think the just-announced lease option is for the Tesla Model S will depend on a lot of factors, like how much gas costs where you live and whether or not your current car drinks premium or not. The promised "exciting" news from Tesla Motors is what the company calls ...

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    Report: Some Ford dealers matching Nissan Leaf $199 lease price for Focus Electric

    Lease prices for the Nissan Leaf have been inching ever downward – a move that is increasing sales – and it looks like some Ford dealers are willing to travel alongside down the rabbit hole. Green Car Reports found two dealers in Sacramento, California that offered 2013 Ford Focus ...

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    Opinion: Cheapest Nissan Leaf lease around: $139/month in California

    Boardwalk Nissan in Redwood City, CA, about 30 miles south of San Francisco, is offering lease terms on a Nissan Leaf that are as cheap as we've ever seen: $139 a month. Or, as it's known in an era of $5 gas, what it costs to fill a 14-gallon tank twice. The monthly cost is also about $80 a ...

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    Report: Nissan drops Leaf lease rates to just $219 a month

    How strange is it to report yet another drop in Nissan Leaf leasing prices? About as strange as an Associated Press writer quoting a guy named Reuter. Nissan, which at one time was charging customers $349 a month to lease the all-electric Leaf, has recently dropped that rate to as low as $219 a ...

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    Study: Hybrids not the dream vehicles of the short-term lease crowd

    Here's a tip for those who market hybrid electric vehicles: you can pretty much forget about people who love to lease – not just the lease itself, but swapping the lease. According to a new survey just released by Swapalease, the majority of respondents declined to pick an answer to the ...

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    Official: Mazda Demio EV leasing begins in Japan in October

    Looks like Mazda is going to do some "Zoom Zoom" of the quieter variety. The company will start leasing the Demio EV in Japan in October, as the Japanese automaker takes slow steps towards electric-drive-vehicle availability. The battery-electric version of the Demio, which sells as the Mazda2 ...

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    Official: Honda will start limited Fit EV leases at $389 a month

    OK, if you're keeping score on leasable electric vehicles, you know that $249 a month gets you a 62-mile single charge range, $289 a month gets you 74 miles, and now $389 a month gets you 82 miles. That last vehicle is the new Honda Fit EV, which the Japanese automaker says will be available for ...


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