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level 2 charger

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    Official: Bosch Power Max becomes cheapest Level 2 home EV charger at just $450

    Consumers now have some real choices for deals on electric vehicle chargers, whether exploring options through Home Depot, setting up an all-in-one package when buying their EV or going with Bosch for the cheapest Level 2 home charging station on the market. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is ...

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    Hillsboro, OR now home to 13 Level 2 Coulomb ChargePoint stations

    Sure, some cities across the U.S. have one or perhaps two plug-in vehicle chargers, but how many have thirteen? Well, Hillsboro, OR does. Yeah, the unlikely location is the first in the state to install Coulomb Technologies' Level II ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations and, instead of stopping ...

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    Washington, Oregon a perfect one-two punch when it comes to electric vehicle chargers

    Level 3 Quick charge station in Portland, OR
    Two states within the U.S. claim to be leaders in the electrification of transportation, but we all know there can only be one champ. Right? Maybe, but until that's decided, the battle is fun to watch. The state of Washington has four charging station ...

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    ClipperCreek now taking orders for EV charger with new J-1772 coupler

    If you are looking for an electric vehicle charger with the new North American standard plug-end (SAE J-1772) for either your own garage or for the convenience of your customers, ClipperCreek has just announced that they are now taking orders for that very beastie. With delivery set for May, the ...


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