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lexus ct 200h

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    Report: Which hybrids save you money? Not as many as you might think

    When it comes to how much it costs to own a hybrid versus a comparable gas-powered vehicle, Lexus giveth and Lexus taketh away. Toyota's luxury division included not only the model that saved buyers the most, but also the model that cost drivers the most, compared to a more conventional vehicle. ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Lexus CT 200h is NWAPA's favorite hybrid, 'No Charge to Charge' in LA
    97 Percent Of New Chevy Malibus Have Stop-Start; California Schools Gets EV Buses 1406210160

    The Northwest Automotive Press Association (NWAPA) has given the Lexus CT 200h its Favorite Hybrid title. It named the compact luxury hybrid its favorite of 2014 at its Drive Revolution in Portland (where it also named the new Volkswagen Golf TDI the Northwest Green Car of the Year). According to ...

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    Official: Toyota's 'green bond' an industry first, quickly rises to $1.75 billion

    Toyota is greasing the skids for more green car purchases with the announcement of a $1.75-billion bond designed to finance the purchase of high-efficiency Toyota and Lexus models. The Asset-Backed Green Bond is a first for the automotive industry and is making a lot of money available to buy or ...

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    Report: Elon Musk: Tesla Model E will be 20 percent smaller than Model S [w/video]

    Somewhere between a Lexus CT 200h and an Acura ILX. But a little quieter and definitely bigger than a breadbox. That's the best comparison we could come up with when trying to get an idea of how big Tesla's more moderately priced sedan will be when it hits the market sometime around 2016. Tesla ...

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    Report: Lexus pondering CT variants, seven-seat people mover

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Only in this case, when we say "goose," we mean Toyota, and when we say "gander," we mean Lexus. Take, for instance, the Japanese auto giant's hybrid strategy. Leave aside hybrid drivetrains available in conventional models (like the Toyota Camry ...

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    Official: For Art Basel, Lexus recycles CT 200h parts into wearable items

    Art Basel rushes into the Miami art scene every year, bringing with it loads of eye-catching art pieces. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your point of view, of course, and the pieces described in this post will likely cause a "love it or hate it" response. This year, some of the ...

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    Official: 2012 Toyota Highlander, Lexus LS 600h, CT 200h hybrids get slight price increases

    The 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Lexus LS 600h L and the CT 200h Premium are among the models from the Japanese automaker that will be a bit more expensive in the near future. Starting with December production, the Highlander Hybrid goes up 1.1 percent or $400 to start at $38,540. The two ...

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    Lexus reveals $37,995 2012 CT 200h F Sport Special Edition

    For 2012, luxury automaker Lexus will turn up the sportiness on its CT 200h hybrid hatch with the launch of the F Sport Special Edition. This special edition hatchback comes packing all the features included in the optional F Sport package – revised body kit, 17-inch Liquid Silver alloy ...

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    Frankfurt: Lexus CT 200h F Sport makes European debut at Frankfurt

    Japanese automaker Lexus has given its CT 200h F Sport its first-ever official European debut by peeling back the sheets covering the modded hybrid hatch at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Lexus says its CT 200h, with the addition of an optional F Sport package, is "designed to extend the model's ...

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    Official: Lexus bumps up price of CT 200h, HS 250h for 2012

    For 2012 Model Year vehicles, Lexus retained 2011 pricing for most of its offerings, but decided to up the sticker price for the compact CT 200h Premium and HS 250h. For 2012, the CT 200h gets a pedestrian warning system and sees Nebula Gray Pearl appear as an exterior hue. Those are minor ...

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    2012 Lexus CT 200h gets optional F Sport package, pedestrian warning system

    2011 Lexus CT 200h with F Sport package – Click above for high-res image gallery
    For 2012, Lexus will crank up the performance of its CT 200h with the addition of an optional F Sport package available only on the Premium version of the hybrid hatch. The CT 200h F Sport gets a revised ...

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    Gazoo Racing fields race-prepped Lexus CT hybrid at Nürburgring

    When nearly 200 cars line up this weekend at the Nürburgring for the Adenauer ADAC Rudstrecken-Trophy, countless Porsches and BMWs will be among them. And a hybrid. Wait, what? That's right. This year Gazoo Racing – the ToMoCo-backed outfit that has campaigned the Lexus LFA at the ...

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    Review: Review: 2011 Lexus CT 200h

    Lexus Hatches A New Take On Responsible Performance
    2011 Lexus CT 200h – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Armchair quarterbacks have been quick to charge Toyota with losing its engineering nerve, labeling it a brand content to churn out safe, middle-of-the-road milquetoast ...

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    Video: Fox Marketing supercharges the Lexus CT 200h [w/video]

    Fox Marketing Supercharged Lexus CT 200h – Click above for high-res image gallery Fox Marketing has given Lexus' entry-level hybrid some much-needed teeth, adding an Eaton supercharger to the 2011 CT 200h. The huffer forces air through a Climax Racing intake manifold, helping the CT's ...

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    Hybrid sales up 46.5% in March; Lexus CT 200h captures 3rd place

    It's that time again: March 2011 sales have been tallied and hybrid vehicles posted gains of 46.4 percent compared to the same month last year. They shot up an almost identical 46.5 percent compared to February 2011. Overall, sales of hybrid models hit 34,082 units in March, accounting for ...

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    Toyota restarts Prius, Lexus HS 250h, CT 200h production

    Shortly after a huge earthquake shook Japan March 11th, most automakers on the island nation ceased operations. Yesterday, Toyota restarted limited production of the Prius, Lexus HS250h and CT 200h hybrids. Paul Nolasco, a spokesman for Toyota, couldn't confirm whether the automaker's supply ...

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    Toyota to resume limited production of Prius, Lexus HS 250h, CT 200h

    Soon after the quake rattled Japan on March 11th, automakers across the nation halted production. Finally, there's a bit of good news flowing in on the production front. Toyota will resume limited production of the Prius, Lexus HS250h and CT 200h hybrids March 28th. With new parts coming in from ...

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    TrueCar ranks top 10 fuel-efficient cars; Toyota Prius leads the pack

    TrueCar has compiled its list of the top ten most fuel-efficient 2011 model year vehicles currently on the market and – unsurprise! – the Toyota Prius, the world's best-selling hybrid, leads the pack. TrueCars' selection hinged on fuel economy and annual gas costs, the latter of ...

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    Chicago 2011: Lexus CT 200h by Five Axis sneaks into the Windy City

    2011 Lexus CT 200h by Five Axis – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Yes, it is indeed a bit odd that Lexus chose to show off a tuned version of its CT 200h hatchback at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show. Generally speaking, such machines are reserved for events more along the lines of the ...

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    Lexus CT 200h, HS 250h reward fuel-efficient driving with charitable donations

    The Japanese-market Lexus CT 200h and HS 250h feature an electronic fuel-saving device called the Harmonious Driving Navigator. Ahhhh, doesn't that tickle your ears? This system assists in saving fuel by alerting drivers when they hammer the pedal to the floor, accelerate briskly or pilot the ...


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