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li ion

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    Rapid-charge li-ion battery project seeking crowdfunding, promises 100% charge in 16 minutes

    Inventor Elliott Small and the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered how to rapid charge lithium ion batteries without overheating them. Using the new technology, off-the-shelf li-ion batteries used in cell phones, laptop computers and electric vehicles could have their charging time ...

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    Official: A123 expects Wanxiang sale to be finished by Feb. 1

    The bankruptcy proceedings for A123 Systems are moving relatively smoothly toward completion, and it looks like Wanxiang America Corp. and Navitas Systems LLC should complete the transactions within the guidelines of the court-ordered asset purchase agreements by February 1, 2013. Chinese parts ...

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    Report: Plug In America wants to survey your Tesla Roadster battery

    Plug In America has launched a second electric vehicle owner experience survey – this time with the Tesla Roadster. It follows a survey conducted last year among Nissan Leaf owners, which was utilized and acknowledged by Nissan as it dealt with unexpected battery capacity loss reported by ...

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    Your electric car is beautiful... it's beautiful. It's beautiful, it's true.

    You're beautiful. You're beautiful.You're beautiful, it's true.I saw you face in a crowded place,And I don't know what to do,'Cause I'll never be with you.You're beautiful. You're beautiful.You're beautiful, it's true.See... we're cultured here at AutoblogGreen. Alright, maybe not... I copied the ...

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    Popular Mechanics drives the Hybrid Technologies L1X-75 roadster

    In February, we brought you news that Hybrid Technologies would be announcing a dealer network at the New York Auto Show this year. Read about all of that here. It seems that Hybrid Technologies showed up at the show right as Benjamin Chertoff from Popular Mechanics was leaving. As any self ...


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