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li-ion batteries

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    Study: Hybrids expected to trump EV sales with li-ion batteries skyrocketing

    A new study finds that automakers will be changing direction when it comes to vehicle electrification – less focus on electric vehicles and more emphasis on hybrids. Industry consultant Dr. Menahem Anderman interviewed automakers and battery makers and is forecasting electric vehicles, plug ...

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    Official: Tesla adds replacement battery pack costs to price increase details

    Price increases are common in the automotive industry so the recent $2,500 jump in prices for upcoming Tesla Model S vehicles wasn't exactly a surprise. Still, most vehicle MSRPs don't go up two-and-a-half grand, and so to explain why the price for the award-winning electric vehicle was so ...

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    Overheating batteries put Chrysler plug-in hybrid testing on hold

    Chrysler hasn't exactly been in a leadership role when it comes to, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Disbanding the ENVI group in 2009 sure didn't help. Plug-in vehicle development continued, though, but the company's PHEV's are now facing another obstacle: overheating. Fortunately, this hasn't ...

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    Official: Ford champions reduction in rare earth metals in next-gen hybrids

    For the third-generation hybrid system powering the Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid, Ford expects to be using about 500,000 pounds a year less of expensive and uncommon rare earth metals. Reduction of rare earth metals in the lithium-ion batteries and the hybrid system's electric machines lowers ...

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    Report: South Korea slips past Japan for top spot in lithium-ion battery industry

    For the first time ever, South Korean manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries slipped past their Japanese counterparts to grab hold of the most substantial wedge of the li-ion segment. The shift took place in the April-June period, according to report by the Nikkei. The Nikkei says Japan's ...

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    Study: Lithium-ion vehicle batteries to outnumber laptop computer packs by 2015

    The automotive industry – more specifically, plug-in vehicles – will be the driving force for demand for lithium-ion batteries by 2015, surpass the laptop computers that today hold the top spot. That's according to a report from iSuppli, which states that lithium-ion's distinct ...

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    Report: Sony to enter automotive lithium-ion battery market

    According to foreign media reports, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony has announced that, come 2015, it will enter the automotive lithium-ion battery segment. Sony says that with domestic and foreign automakers gearing up to launch numerous plug-in vehicles, it will soon be ...

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    Lux Research ranks LG Chem tops in lithium-ion battery industry

    Chevrolet Volt battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In its latest report, Lux Research ranks lithium-ion battery manufacturers and makers of ultracapacitors on its Lux Innovation Grid, a proprietary framework that supposedly assesses the relative performance of companies, ...

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    Hitachi Chemical to double anode production for automotive li-ion batteries

    Hitachi Chemical will invest some 3.5 billion yen ($44.8 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) to add third and fourth anode production lines at its Yamazaki Works facility in Japan. Once operational, Hitachi Chemical says that its production of anode materials for automotive lithium-ion ...

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    Competition from China, South Korea means Japan could lose hold of li-ion market

    Sanyo's Kasai Plant in Japan
    With demand for lithium-ion batteries climbing worldwide, Japan could soon lose hold of its spot at the top of the industry. Facing stiff competition from China and South Korea, Japan is battling to stay ahead. The Japanese company Kureha, for example, holds a 70 ...

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    Analyst predicts severe oversupply of plug-in vehicle batteries

    The limited availability of batteries has long been one of the factors keeping the cost of electric vehicles well above that of their gas-powered counterparts, but it may be that we're about to move from drought to deluge. According to the New York Times, the growing capacity of battery ...

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    Bosch ready to "battle" for lithium-ion battery contracts

    Ready for some fighting words? (Literally?) Automotive supplier Bosch is gearing up to "battle" other companies for contracts to provide lithium-ion batteries to automakers for future plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Bosch board member for sales and marketing Peter Tyroller told Automotive ...

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    A123 zeros in on stop/start hybrids with 12V li-ion nanophosphate battery

    A123 Systems is looking to cash in on the emerging stop/start hybrid market with its 12V Nanophosphate lithium-ion battery. Compared to typical lead-acid AGM batteries, A123 says that its li-ion units offer enhanced charge acceptance, which reduces the load on the vehicle's alternator and engine, ...

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    China BAK to supply 20,000 lithium-ion batteries to Xidesheng Bicycle

    China BAK, a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has signed a contract to supply 20,000 lithium-ion cells to Xidesheng Bicycle, one of China's leading producers of electric bikes (e-bikes). Xiangqian Li, chief executive officer of China BAK, remarked on the significance of diving into the ...

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    Bob Stempel (ex-GM, ex-ECD Ovonics) talks about lithium batteries, and what will make EVs great

    Robert "Bob" Stempel, semi-retired at an energetic 78, is one of the good guys. Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, he joined General Motor's Oldsmobile Division in 1958 as a chassis detailer and 29 years later was GM president and chief ...

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    Electrovaya launches scalable lithium-ion energy storage system

    Electrovaya, a developer of lithium-ion battery systems, has announced the launch of a product line targeted at solving the energy storage challenges that utilities are faced with today. Electrovaya's Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (LIBESS), a smart grid-capable unit, stores excess ...

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    Tesla teams with Umicore to recycle battery packs in Europe

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Electric automaker Tesla Motors has teamed with Belgium's Umicore to establish a lithium-ion battery recycling program in Europe. Under the agreement, Brussels-based Umicore will recycle Tesla's spent lithium-ion battery packs, ...

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    Hitachi, Ube Industries to establish lithium-ion battery JV

    The Nikkei, a Japanese news outlet, reports that Hitachi Ltd. and Ube Industries Ltd. will establish a joint venture to manufacture separators for lithium-ion batteries bound for use in the automotive industry. Apparently, both firms are looking to bolster their position in the battery market and ...

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    JX Nippon invests $110m to increase lithium-ion cathode production

    JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, a subsidiary of JX Holdings, has announced that it will invest ¥9.2 billion ($110 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) to substantially increase production of cathode materials used in lithium-ion batteries specifically engineered for the ...

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    LG Chem signs lithium-ion battery deal with China's Changan Auto

    Early last month, China's Changan Auto reportedly pulled the plug on its hybrid Jiexun. The cancellation was claimed to have stemmed from the hybrid's abysmal sales. Therefore, it came as somewhat of a surprise to discover that on Tuesday, Changan and LG Chem, a South Korean chemicals company, ...


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