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    Report: Wheego's low-key route to success includes new electric SUV

    The trajectory of Wheego Electric Cars is light years away from the always-in-the-news Tesla Motors or the Congressional darlings Fisker Automotive. Despite the lack of attention, Wheego manages to keep on plugging away, adding new dealers and making it past regulatory hurdles. This low-key route ...

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    Official: Wheego adds LiFe EV dealer in Florida

    The change that the Nimnicht Family of Dealerships in Jacksonville, FL is applying to a former Hummer showroom could not be a better sign of the times. The showroom will become the newest dealership for Wheego Electric Cars, offering the full-speed Wheego LiFe and the low-speed Wheego Whip. The ...

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    AltCar: Wheego ready with LiFe EV build plan, 100 due by end of 2012

    The biggest problem that Wheego was having the last time we looked in on the company was getting the Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to sign off on temporary exemption to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Regulations (FMVSSR) for its two-seat, all-electric Wheego Whip LiFe car. ...

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    Overview of BMW i3 LifeDrive tech shows how the skateboard has evolved

    Meet German automaker BMW's vision of the future: LifeDrive. LifeDrive is the heart and soul of the electric BMW i3, but it's more than just that. LifeDrive is a 21st century return of the body-on-frame design that consists of two distinct components: the Life module and the Drive structure. ...

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    Hey look, a Wheego LiFe out in the wild

    The Wheego LiFe has arrived at MC Electric Vehicles, a dealership in Seattle. The LiFe, an ultra-compact electric two-door that zips along at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, could be considered a competitor to the Nissan Leaf, but we'd reckon it's not. Yes, the LiFe has a Leaf-like range of ...

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    Wheego running low on cash; LiFe production may be stalled

    Back on Earth Day, Wheego delivered its first electric-only, $32,995 LiFe to Asma and Kevin Henry of Atlanta, GA. But, in order to continue manufacturing the highway-capable electric microcar, the Atlanta-based startup needs cash now, says Mike McQuary, chief executive officer of Wheego. McQuary ...


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