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    Video: Neil Young speech on green performance, Lincvolt coming live from SEMA

    The story of Neil Young and his Lincvolt has had its ups and downs. From an idea first made public in 2008 to its SEMA debut in 2010, the 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible was shepherded through a lot of engineering work by the Canadian rocker to become an E85-burning plug-in hybrid. ...

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    Video: Neil Young fills up LincVolt, back from the dead, with cellulosic ethanol

    Long may you run, Neil. That's our take on reports of Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young cruising around the country in his 1959 Lincoln Continental that's been converted to run on cellulosic ethanol, or biofuel made from wood, grass and non-edible parts of plants. Young recently showed off ...

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    Report: Neil Young's company sued for $500,000 over LincVolt fire

    Neil Young once wrote a song titled "Don't Let It Bring You Down," but this could do just that. A company founded by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer was sued for almost $500,000 for a San Francisco Bay Area garage fire allegedly caused by a classic Lincoln Continental that was (and still is) ...

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    Neil Young's Lincvolt severly damaged in warehouse fire

    Multi-fuel turbine electric hybrid Lincvolt – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's better to burn out Than it is to rust
    It's a tragedy of epic proportions. Neil Young's 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible, which he has spent the past few years converting into a ...

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    SEMA preview: Neil Young's LincVolt will be ready for its close-up

    Neil Young's LincVolt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've been hankering to get a good look at Neil Young's LincVolt behemoth, you'd best make plans to get to SEMA in a few weeks. We got word today that the 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible with a brand new biodiesel and ...

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    Neil Young's LincVolt goes on display in Florida

    Neil Young's LincVolt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Neil Young's biodiesel-powered hybrid, the Lincvolt, made a lot of headlines back in 2008, but it's kind of faded from view after dropping out of the X-Prize in mid-2009. Late last month, though, the car and the musician dropped ...

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    Lincvolt withdraws from X-Prize, will focus on "main goal"

    Neil Young's evolving Lincvolt project – a 1959 Lincoln Continental that weighs 2.5 tons and is 19.5 feet long that is being converted into a "bio-hydro-electric series hybrid vehicle" – today officially announced it will no longer participate in the Automotive X Prize. The split seems ...

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    Neil Young offers Fork in the Road video challenge

    Think you're better than Neil Young? Uncle Neil would like to give you a chance to best the video he shot inside the Lincvolt car through a video contest that uses a song from his new record, Fork in the Road. The song is "Johnny Magic," which includes the line, "She goes a long way on domestic ...

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    Neil Young's latest music video comes to you from the LincVolt

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    "She goes a long way on domestic green fuel, 100 miles per gallon is the Continental rule."That's one of the lines in "Johnny Magic," a song from Neil Young's upcoming album, Fork in the Road, which will be released April 7th. Johnny refers to Young's ...

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    Neil Young's new album, Fork In The Road, all about eco-cars

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    When I went to see Neil Young tear up some of his classic songs last month in Detroit, I noticed a particularly appropriate song to write a post about: "Fuel Line." It's not a great song, but it is apparently the start of something bigger: a concept ...

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    Heard Neil Young's "Fuel Line" song yet? Wow

    Photo by antifluor. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Last weekend, I went to see Neil Young in Detroit and knew I needed to write at least a little bit about Young's paean to the LincVolt (and plug-in cars in general), a new song called "Fuel Line."Pretty much every review of Young's ...

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    Neil Young offers advice for ailing Detroit 3

    Neil Young suggests that we "turn the page" in the drama that is the Detroit 3's history of producing automobiles by cutting out all internal combustion engines. The rock star says that the automakers "should only get [a bailout] if they agree to stop building autos that contribute to global ...

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    VIDEO: LincVolt is on the road and on the 'net

    We were just recently telling you about how Neil Young and his LincVolt project crew want to begin making similarly-powered vehicles for other people and now that we've learned more about what makes his '59 Lincoln go, we're back to fill you in. From what we can glean from the information now ...

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    Neil Young has Heart of Gold, will make you a Linc Volt

    It seems that Neil Young is looking to convert more classic Detroit iron from gas-guzzling V8-powered "hogs" to electric powered "swans." Young's quest has already begun, with the rock star converting his own 5,000-pound 1959 Lincoln into an electric vehicle known as the Linc Volt. That car has ...

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    VIDEO: Neil Young delivers state of the LincVolt address

    When last we visited Neil Young's LincVolt project the car and crew had managed to survive some early road testing. That was at the beginning of June so you may be forgiven if you think that four months later the car should be ready to go with nothing standing between it and the open road but a ...

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    Neil Young goes for a test ride in his new 1959 Lincoln electric hybrid, almost crashes.

    From time to time we get questions about the status of Neil Young's Linc-Volt project, the transformation, nay, transmogrification of the rock icon's gas guzzling '59 Lincoln Continental into a sweet serial-electric hybrid by John Goodwin. There have been a few teasers and the odd announcement made ...


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