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liquefied natural gas

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    Official: Ford showing off CNG F-150 at AltCar this weekend

    Gearheads can look forward to the sun, surf and the first natural-gas-powered Ford F-150 in Santa Monica, CA, this weekend. The AltCar Expo takes place today and tomorrow and will most notably include the debuts of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) versions of the ...

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    Report: Natural-gas truck sales will advance about 15 percent a year through 2019

    Driven by fleet and long-distance truck operators who want to save money in the face of climbing gasoline prices, global natural-gas truck sales will likely increase about 15 percent a year for the next six years, Pike Research predicts. While compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are far more ...

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    Shell to begin construction of Prelude floating liquefied natural gas facility

    Shell's latest fossil-fuel-extracting vehicle will dwarf every U.S. naval ship. The Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility will be nearly one-third of a mile long and tip the scales at up to 600,000 tons. That's six times heavier than the U.S.' largest aircraft carrier. In ...

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    Can I run a car on natural gas?

    Can you run a car on compressed natural gas? Yes, you can. Wow, that was easy. I guess we can wrap up this week's Greenlings post quickly. Not so fast. Like just about everything else in this world, the full answer is much more complicated than the simple yes. Here in the United States, there are ...


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