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lithium-air battery

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    Toyota develops high discharge capacity Li-O2/CO2 battery

    Discharge curves of Li-O2/CO2 batteries with varying ratios of CO2
    Back in December of 2010, Toyota unveiled a prototype four-layer solid-state battery. The Japanese automaker touted the solid-state battery design for its longevity and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Toyota engineers ...

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    Study: The future of electric vehicles could ride on lithium-air batteries

    Judging by the table shown above, lithium-air (Li/O2) batteries appear to be quite remarkable, on paper at least. But what can we really expect from this new advanced battery technology? Well Argonne National Laboratory has started researching and testing lithium-air batteries in earnest and ...

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    Gold, platinum and oxygen lead to lighter, more powerful lithium-air batteries

    A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been focusing their efforts on advanced technology batteries for electric vehicles. Their work on lithium-air batteries has led to several recent discoveries, and gives "riding on air" a whole new meaning. Lithium-air ...

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    REPORT: IBM working to develop 500-mile lithium-air battery pack

    Last week, a consortium of some of the nation's leading scientists and engineers reportedly met in California to develop a new battery pack for electric cars. Sponsored by IBM and its Big Green Innovations program, the so-called Battery 500 team hopes to create a power pack capable of propelling a ...


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