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    What will Ken Livingstone's defeat mean for London Congestion charge?

    The man who brought the congestion charge to London England has lost his bid for re-election as Mayor of England's capital. Ken Livingstone has always been a controversial figure in British politics but his tenure as mayor of London brought that controversy to new heights. In the course of his ...

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    First quarter UK sales of low-emission Peugeot jump

    Peugeot 107The British economy is struggling a bit right now thanks to the same sudden realization that a lot of people got unaffordable mortgages in recent years, just like we are experiencing here in the U.S. Combining that with the same rising fuel prices that everyone else is suffering and the ...

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    Londoner gets to try out the new Th!nk city EV

    Danny Fleet is a Londoner with an interest in electric cars. His attituce should come as no surprise given that EVs can avoid the city's congestion charge. Currently, Danny happens to drive one of the ever-popular G-Wiz quadricycles. Danny was lucky enough to be in the area when one of the new ...

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    Porsche gets detailed in attack on London's congestion charge

    Once the new London congestion charges were officially announced earlier this month, Porsche started a legal process against the Transport for London group (TfL is behind the c-charge). London officials responded to the threat and in response Porsche has put out a slew of numbers to defend their ...

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    Porsche officially starts legal process against London's congestion charge

    We've already seen Porsche make its case for an exemption from EU emissions rules. With the new, higher congestion charge announce the other day for London, it's no surprise that Porsche is fighting back there, too. It's just hard to be a car company that makes cars that spew CO2 like it's going ...

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    Peugeot 308 runs the length of the M25 motorway on less than 10 of fuel

    Click image for a photo gallery of the Peugeot 308 rangeThe M25 is a 117-mile-long motorway that circles the outskirts of London,England. Right now, diesel runs about $8.14/US gallon at Motorway service centers in Blighty. (So if you think we have it bad, well, we don't.) Peugeot decided to do a ...

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    Congestion charge up for gas guzzlers: 25 quid for a ride in Central London

    Major Ken Livingstone has announced that gas guzzlers will have to pay £25 per day to enter Central London from October 27th onwards. That's a most remarkable change, because most drivers will still pay the £8 road toll for entering the zone which covers designated parts of Central and ...

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    Toyota Aygo, Yaris and Prius exempt from revised London Congestion Charge

    It didn't take long for automakers to respond to the official announcement yesterday about the changes to the London Congestion Charge. Now that cars that emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer will be exempted from the charges that go into effect in October, Toyota has put out a press ...

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    Electric vehicle drivers get some not-so-good news in London

    Danny (of Danny's Contentment) is just the messenger here, so don't go hounding him if you're angry about the bad news that Transport for London announced today. While some automakers will probably be pleased with the change, electric car proponents like Danny see this as a potential nail in the EV ...

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    London may abandon plan for CO2 based congestion charge

    A year ago, London Mayor Ken Livingstone announced plans to revamp the congestion charge system for the central part of the city. The heart of the changes was to go from a single £8 per day flat rate for all vehicles to a system where drivers would be charged an amount based on the CO2 ...

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    Taxi!? London luxury car owners register Maseratis, Rolls Royces as C-charge-free private hire vehicles

    The website has an idea for you. If, say, you're a luxury car driver who doesn't want to pay the daily London Congestion Charge (currently £8, but it might be going up to £25 in a few months): tell the government you're offering a "private hire" (i.e., taxi) service ...

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    British auto industry doesn't think emissions-based congestion charge will help

    London Mayor Ken Livingstone has generated a lot of controversy with his plans to revamp the London congestion charge. He wants to replace the flat fee for being able to drive into central London with a sliding scale based on vehicle emissions. Cars emitting less than 120g/km of CO2 would pay ...

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    Mazda thinks London congestion charge could help sales of small diesels

    The proposed changes to the London congestion charge that would change it from a fixed charge to one based on emissions could prove a boon to small diesel engined cars, and Mazda like that possibility. Mazda had been projecting that only ten percent of buyers for the new Mazda2 would select the ...

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    ABD says London C-Charge is "Britain's Most Unfair and Absurd Tax Proposal"

    I always take announcements by the Association of British Drivers (ABD) with a few heaping teaspoons of NaCL. After all, the ABD is the group that said teaching kids about climate control harks back to Nazi methds not too long ago, and they're not exactly at the forefront of green driving advocacy. ...


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