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lord paul drayson

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    Report: Drayson attempting to beat own 204-mph EV speed record in Utah

    Diehard fans of the 1992 Nicolas Cage-starring flick "Honeymoon in Vegas" (we know you're out there) will remember a skydiving escapade involving a bunch of rhinestone jumpsuits and the Flying Elvises, Utah Chapter. It was a memorable scene. Lord Paul Drayson is looking to put his own high-speed ...

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    Paul Drayson reflects on the "greening" of Le Mans

    Drayson Racing Lola-Judd – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While the basic premise of "green racing" is certainly open to debate, it's hard to argue that any form of motorsports has done more to promote the idea that efficiency and alternative fuels can go hand-in-hand with ...

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    UK's defense minister quits job to race ethanol car

    UK Defence Minister Lord Paul Drayson took a "leave of absence" (that's a nice way of saying he quit) from his job to race a bio-ethanol car in Le Mans. Here's part of what Lord Drayson said in a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown;As you know I have a passion for motor racing and over the past ...


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