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lotus elise

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    Report: In hindsight, Musk wouldn't use Lotus for Tesla Roadster

    The world will be a different place after Elon Musk builds a time traveling device (don't ask us how we know that will happen). For one thing, the Tesla Roadster of the rewritten future will not have been built using the chassis of the Lotus Elise. Also, verb tenses will be becoming even more ...

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    PG Elektrus is yet another crack at electrifying a Lotus Elise

    We have good news for you if you're missing the Tesla Roadster already. German manufacturer PG has unveiled the company's new Elektrus, a Lotus-based sports EV with some very wild styling. While the company has made a name for itself producing carbon-fiber electric bicycles, the Elektrus is its ...

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    Lotus celebrates after 2011 Elise is rated at 46.7 mpg

    2011 Lotus Elise – Click above for high-res image gallery
    digg_url = ''; When Tesla Motors wanted a lightweight sports car body for its Roadster electric vehicle, the company turned to Lotus. Why? Because Lotus has, ...

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    Lotus announces Elise Club Racer, 31 mpg sports car

    Lotus Elise Club Racer - click above for a high res image gallery
    One of the upsides of Colin Chapman's philosophy of "adding lightness" is that Lotus sports cars are typically very efficient relative to their performance levels. Such is the case with the Elise, which is one of the lightest cars ...

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    Lotus announces new, cleaner and more efficient Elise and Exige

    2010 Lotus Exige S - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, Lotus released the newest version of the lightweight Exige S. At the time, the UK-based automaker highlighted the fact that the new model was both faster and more fuel efficient than its ...

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    Detroit Electric to launch Tesla-beater in June?

    Ever since that Malaysian press melée in September there haven't been any perceptible noises emanating from the resurrected Detroit Electric. Perhaps former Lotus CEO Albert Lam and friends have their noses to the grindstone getting product ready their announced end-of-2009 production run. ...

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    Lotus continues down the green path with the Eco Elise

    Updated with new galleryWhile it could be argued that Lotus already builds the greenest sportscars on the planet, the British automaker seems keenly aware that the world's gas-burning ways are quickly being swept under the carpet. What started with the dual-fuel capable Lotus Exige 265E - which got ...

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    Playing Devil's Advocate - Part 1 - Tesla Motors

    Here at AutoblogGreen, we like to give certain companies the benefit of the doubt; companies who aspire to go green in the automotive sector. This is a big reason why we love Tesla Motors and what they are attempting. They are taking on the establishment, and doing so with a beautiful roadster at ...

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    Lotus Elise owner reports on his visit to Tesla HQ

    Rahul Nair is a researcher at the Yahoo! Research Berkeley Lab and he drives one of my all time favorite cars, the Lotus Elise. I love the Elise because it's about as pure a sports car as you buy today. Besides being gorgeous, it is almost totally focused on it's mission. It's small and remarkably ...

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    Fifth Gear become "alcoholics" running "Crop Circles" in E85 Lotus Exige

    The Lotus Exige is already one of the coolest high-performance cars around. One could argue that, at least as far as supercars go, this one is pretty green. The whole idea behind the Lotus Exige, and the Elise, is that very high performance can be achieved with smaller engines if the weight is ...

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    KTM using carbon fibre to make their X-BOW roadster faster

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the KTM X-BOW. digg_url = ''; Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has spent over 50 years building fast, austere motorcycles aimed at performance purists. ...


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