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low rolling resistance

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    Exclusive: A look at low-rolling resistance tires
    Do they really save fuel, and at what sacrifice of other important tire attributes? 1401991080

    Flat-out down Mid-Ohio's long back straight – not really straight because it has a fast dog-leg kink – braking hard into the tricky right-left combination that follows, I was having a great time. For a former racer, any time spent on a wonderful road course like Mid-Ohio, even in a ...

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    Bridgestone adds more sizes to fuel-saving Ecopia EP422 tire lineup

    Bridgestone has announced the expansion of its fuel-saving Ecopia EP422 low-rolling resistance tire lineup from five to 29 sizes, ranging from 15- to 18-inch tires sized specifically for vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Chevy Malibu, Nissan Altima and Honda Odyssey. All Ecopia EP422 tires feature ...

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    Consumer Reports: Low-rolling resistance tires fail to meet buyers' expectations

    Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of car tire buyers and discovered that a remarkable 95 percent of consumers were satisfied with their shopping experience. CR also found, though, that less than half of tire buyers researched before purchasing. When "so much is riding on your tires" ...

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    Bridgestone launches Ecopia low-rolling resistance tire for tractor trailers

    There are countless tips and tricks out there that supposedly help boost fuel economy on any car, but the reality is that most are dubious or only provide fuel savings that are barely worth measuring. However, there is an oft-overlooked item that's standard on just about anything that rolls down ...

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    2011 Porsche Panamera gets more efficient with brake energy regeneration

    Porsche Panamera 4S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Porsche has boosted the fuel efficiency of the Panamera for the 2011 model year by adding brake energy regeneration and optional lower rolling resistance tires. The same feature has been available on many BMWs for at least two ...

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    Consumer Reports tests fuel-saving tires, Michelin Energy Saver comes out on top

    Of all the tips and tricks that are known to save fuel on modern-day cars and trucks, one that often gets overlooked is getting the right set of tires mounted up. Of course, nobody wants to use an inferior set of tires in the hopes of saving just a wee bit of gas, so Consumer Reports decided it was ...

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    California looking to classify tires by rolling resistance?

    Low rolling resistance tires have been increasingly used to help manufacturers improve EPA efficiency ratings. While the specialty rubber used to be found mostly on hybrids, it is starting to find its way onto other vehicles as well, like gas-engined Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs.According ...

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    Tires: Low resistance keeps you rollin' rollin' rollin'

    Low rolling resistance tires aren't just for hybrids anymore. In search of every improvement to fuel consumption figures they can find, FoMoCo is shoeing its entire 2009 compact SUV line up in eco-rubber. They expect the 16-inch Michelin Latitude Tour tires, like the one pictured to our right, to ...

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    Small design changes can have a big impact on efficiency

    We often focus on major engineering shifts when considering how to improve the fuel mileage and reduce the emissions of our cars. Hybrid drivetrains, battery-powered electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells are all extremely hot topics, and with good reason as they truly are the short- and long-term ...

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    New tire promises to improve efficiency by up to 3%

    Hankook Tire Co. has developed an “ultra fuel efficient tire” called the fx-Optimo. Their definition of drastically improving fuel efficiency boils down to a savings of up to 3%. As is the case with many incremental improvements, they might sound small, but when one considers the bigger ...


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