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low speed vehicle

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    Nebraska still working on low-speed NEV bill

    Even though highway-capable electric vehicles are here, there is still a place for NEVs. That place is, apparently, Nebraska. In late April, lawmakers there advanced a measure that would allow low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) onto streets with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per ...

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    Who LUVs NEVs? Low-speed electric vehicle test launches in SoCal

    Wheego Whip – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project of Los Angeles County, CA has kicked off an 18-month demonstration program that will test the real-world use of six low-speed, battery-powered vehicles. Organized by the South Bay Cities Council of ...

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    Maker Faire Detroit 2010: EcoVElectric low speed electric vehicle

    EcoVElectric LSEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Richard Marks spent twenty-five years as an engineer at General Motors, finishing out his tenure there working on the EV1. Following the demise of that project, he went on to work for some suppliers before setting out to build a ...

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    IIHS condemns use of mini trucks and low-speed vehicles on public roads

    If you live in the U.S. sunbelt or in an upscale gated community, you've probably seen quite a few of those hopped-up electric golf carts trolling around your neighborhood. These low-speed vehicles are great for zipping to the mailbox or heading over to the clubhouse, and the vehicles are ...

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    Forget the Tata Nano, Oklahomans can get a new electric car for $865!

    When automotive talk turns cheap, the most common vehicle that comes up is the Tata Nano, which currently holds the title as the Cheapest New Car in the World and is only available in India. So, Americans, how would you like to snag a brand-new electric car for the low, low price of just $865 ...

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    Oklahomans battling over the cost of NEVs. Should they be free?

    Wheego Whip - click above for high-res image gallery
    Low-speed, neighborhood electric vehicles are an interesting case. No one thinks of them as "real cars" – although the Wheego Whip, above, tries to be the Cadillac of NEVs – but they certainly serve a purpose and can meet the ...

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    IIHS maps America's Medium Speed Vehicle rules

    There's a lot of grey in the map above, and each grey state indicates that there is no local law there defining the rules for medium-speed vehicles (MSVs). We've written plenty about low-speed vehicles, but what's an MSV? It's a car that " has some safety equipment such as lights, reflectors, ...

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    Tomberlin releases Anvil NEV [w/VIDEO]

    Tomberlin Anvil NEV - Click above for image gallery
    Tomberlin, a manufacturing and distribution company based in Georgia, recently unveiled the Anvil, its latest low-speed electric vehicle, on the CBS News Early Show. As a neighborhood electric vehicle, the Anvil is capped at a top speed of 25 ...

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    Ask AutoblogGreen: What regulations govern electric vehicles?

    Here at AutoblogGreen we get plenty of questions from readers about all kinds of topics related to alternative transportation. Reader James asks: "Reportedly, there is a federal law which limits the size/speed of autos on all roads. This, in effect restricts electric alternative vehicles that must ...

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    Ontario will allow low-speed electric vehicles, with warnings, on public roads

    Photo by El Gran Dee. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Ontario, the Canadian province that's thinking of not letting kids onto three-wheeled eco-cars, has made a green car-friendly move by deciding that Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) will soon be allowed on the road. The rules for LSVs ...

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    Factory in Quebec to build electric car

    Somewhere between your average car and a golf cart lies a middle ground of vehicles; low power, low or zero emission, quick trip vehicles that are not designed for road trips but for grocery trips. Reader CR sent in a tip (thanks!) that, according to CCN Matthews, a factory in St. Jerome, Quebec ...


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