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low speed vehicles

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    Read This: The case for golf carts and other low-speed EVs

    It looks like golf carts – or low-speed vehicles – will never go away. Across the country, legislators are allowing low-speed vehicles (LSV) to drive down public roads, with some restrictions. In Kentucky, several municipalities have recently passed, or are looking to allow, golf ...

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    Who LUVs NEVs? Low-speed electric vehicle test launches in SoCal

    Wheego Whip – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project of Los Angeles County, CA has kicked off an 18-month demonstration program that will test the real-world use of six low-speed, battery-powered vehicles. Organized by the South Bay Cities Council of ...

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    Maker Faire Detroit 2010: EcoVElectric low speed electric vehicle

    EcoVElectric LSEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Richard Marks spent twenty-five years as an engineer at General Motors, finishing out his tenure there working on the EV1. Following the demise of that project, he went on to work for some suppliers before setting out to build a ...

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    IIHS condemns use of mini trucks and low-speed vehicles on public roads

    If you live in the U.S. sunbelt or in an upscale gated community, you've probably seen quite a few of those hopped-up electric golf carts trolling around your neighborhood. These low-speed vehicles are great for zipping to the mailbox or heading over to the clubhouse, and the vehicles are ...


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