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    Report: Madrid's new parking meters cost more if you drive a gas guzzler
    Elsewhere In The City, The Meters Are Just Plain Gone 1404340260

    The parking situation in Madrid, Spain went through two big changes this week. In some areas, the meters have been updated to know what kind of vehicle is parked there and charge dirty vehicles more money while giving discounts to cleaner ones. In another area, all parking meters have been ...

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    Madrid installing EV recharging points at all public parking facilities

    Madrid City Hall, Spain, has decided to go big for electric cars and install EV recharging points at all public parking facilities in the city. This means that the city's 36 parking installations will have up to 58 recharging points where EVs can be charged for free. What's more, City Hall has ...

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    Madrid installing nitrogen-oxide capturing asphalt

    Cities get some face lifts during summer months, when traffic is lower and most of its dwellers escape for vacations. Such is the case of Spain's capital city Madrid, which is renewing some of the asphalt on its streets with a bituminous mix called noxer that includes titanium oxide. This substance ...

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    Spanish forest rangers won't get lost on their GPS-equipped donkeys

    This is fun. The council of the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, near Madrid, Spain, has decided to invest in the greenest technology available for the municipality's forest rangers: animal traction. The reason for the move to four-leg drive is that no single vehicle is carbon neutral, and the ...

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    Madrid Motor Show: Kia eco_cee'd - 104g/km of CO2

    At the Madrid Motor Show this week, Kia is showing off its latest entry in the low CO2 derby with the eco_cee'd hatchback. With power coming from 1.6L diesel that automatically shuts off whenever the vehicle is not in motion, the oddly named eco_cee'd is claimed to improve the standard cee'ds 50mpg ...

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    All of Madrid's official vehicles will use clean fuels by 2011

    Madrid, Spain, is currently a very polluted city where 1.8 million vehicles are responsible for 75 percent of the pollutants in the air. Madrid's City Hall has decided that it will switch all its vehicles over to "clean" fuels, that is, they will be all running on electricity, natural gas, ...

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    Using the VAOs: Carpooling in Madrid

    VAO (Vía de Alta Ocupación) is the Spanish name for HOV lanes. Madrid has been working with a VAO lane on one of the main entries of the city, via the A6 highway (Northwest). This lane is usually used only by public transport, but the Regional Government of Madrid has decided to allow ...

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    Madrid announces plans to ban polluting cars from city center

    The City Council of Madrid, Spain, has unveiled plans to create a low-emissions zone in the city center which would ban polluting cars. This system is very similar to the ones implemented in several German cities and differs from Milan and London's option of an urban toll (or congestion charge).If ...

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    Study shows High Speed Trains emit less carbon than planes

    Despite what some people claimed (and fueled a polemic here at ABG), a study published recently shows that High Speed Trains are more efficient than planes, in terms of CO2 production at least. Their impact on the land might be a different story. The statement was made by the former President ...

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    Can natural gas and LPG help the cities? They're going to try that out

    Fundació Gas Natural has published a study on how CNG vehicles can improve the air quality in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Of course, Gas Natural sells natural gas and is quite interested in this happening, but the study was performed with the Mare Nostrum supercomputer in the Universitat ...


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