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    Recharge Wrap-up: Minnesota first to require biodiesel, maglev in Israel, Toyota FCV in Aspen
    Isuzu Looking Into Biofuel In Japan 1403812680

    A new Minnesota law that requires biodiesel blends goes into effect in just a few days, says KELO. Diesel drivers in Minnesota will be pumping soybeans into their tank beginning July 1. Every year, diesel will be sold as a B10 blend (ten percent biofuel) from April through August, and will scale ...

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    Drop the family at Disney, take MagLev to Vegas

    Gamblers with families might start humming "It's a small world after all" if plans for a high-speed maglev train between Disneyland and Las Vegas continues to go forward. The "technical corrections" legislation that was recently passed freed up $42 million from a 2005 transportation bill to go ...

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    Cool videos: mag-lev gears, human powered anti-gravity

    The video above is a demonstration of a magnetic cog by Kundel Magnetics. Using magnetic fields instead of physical gears to transfer energy has many advantages like zero friction and no need for lubrication. Below the fold is a concept vehicle by the design group Oooms. The counter weight at one ...

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    Germany to launch a 310 mile-per-hour maglev train

    I've been on quite a few flights lately, and usually, the worst part is not the airplane ride itself, but everything else that goes along with it. Like, either getting dropped off with all of your luggage or parking your car in the long-term lot, or taking a taxi ride. It sure would be nice if ...

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    Japan set to introduce magnetic levitation trains by 2025

    Remember the hoverboards from Back to the Future? Alright, this is just like that, except totally different. You see, both the hoverboards and these magnetic levitation (maglev) trains use magnetism to lift a few inches off the ground, or track, removing that nasty stumbling block of efficiency: ...


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