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    Report: GM starting to talk seriously about 200-mile EV
    Based On Chevy Sonic, Sources Say 1413115200

    We've been hearing word of a 200-mile EV from Chevrolet for a while now. First, there was General Motors then-CEO Dan Akerson hinting at a $30,000, 200-mile EV that would take the competition by surprise. Then Akerson confirmed that GM is working on a 200-mile EV in a speech in March. LG Chem, ...

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    GM admits Cadillac ELR no real competition for Tesla Model S
    Hey Detroit, Where's The EV That Can Challenge California? 1408122960

    Last year, then-CEO of General Motors, Dan Akerson, made it clear that the company lookouts at the Ren Cen had California automaker Tesla in their sights. "If you want to compete head-to-head with Tesla, and we ultimately will, you want to do it with a Cadillac," he said. So, given the fact that ...

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    Video: GM's Mark Reuss explains why a performance Cadillac ELR-V won't happen

    Hey, I've got enough things to worry about. That's one interpretation of General Motors executive vice president Mark Reuss' response to a question posed by Driving the Nation about the recently-introduced Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid. Reuss said GM will "definitely expand the tuning envelope" ...

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    Exclusive: A conversation with GM's Mark Reuss on MPG, aluminum and Corvettes
    Sometimes the person and the job are a perfect fit 1392828720

    There was plenty to talk about when General Motors hosted its annual mid-December holiday media reception a few months ago. GM had just decided to pull its global Chevrolet brand out of major European markets, where Chevys have competed directly with GM Europe Opel and Vauxhall vehicles, and the ...

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    Report: GM's Reuss: Next-gen Chevy Volt will be "thousands of dollars" cheaper

    Following the news of the massive price drop for the Nissan Leaf, hearing GM North America President Mark Reuss tell the media that GM will take out "thousands of dollars" from the next-generation Chevrolet Volt isn't exactly a surprise. In fact, we've known for a long time that plug-in cars ...

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    Report: Improving Chevy Volt sales leads GM to shorten summer shutdown

    Just the other day, we heard that General Motors might extend its traditional two-week summer shutdown to three weeks for the Chevrolet Volt. But, after record Volt sales last month, we wonder how the calendar looks in Hamtramck now. We wonder because we are hearing reports that the current ...

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    Official: Chevy Volt will receive safety enhancements, but don't call it a recall *UPDATE

    The Chevrolet Volt is about to get safer. That's the big message from GM today as the company announced structural and cooling system "safety enhancements" that are intended to better distribute the car's energy load from a crash and, thus, better protect the battery from potential fires. Mark ...

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    GM's Reuss: 2012 will reveal true demand for the Chevy Volt

    How bad do people want the Chevrolet Volt? We're not the only ones who don't actually know, if General Motors' president of North American operations, Mark Reuss, is to be believed. Reuss said recently that we'll have to patiently wait until mid-2012 to see how big actual demand for the Volt ...

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    General Motors' Mark Reuss says 56.2 mpg CAFE target will be "tough"

    General Motors North America President, Mark Reuss, says that automakers will have no choice (obviously) but to comply with the proposed 56.2 miles-per-gallon CAFE target for 2025, if enacted, but admits that it will be no easy task. Shortly after announcing a $2.5 million donation from GM to ...

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    GM's Mark Reuss says Nissan Leaf is a "single-purpose" car that he wouldn't put in the hands of his 3 kids

    Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America, is not a fan of the Nissan Leaf. Reuss recently voiced his opinions on a slew of issues with the Nashville Business Journal, including GM's future, the role of the Chevrolet Volt and more. When the discussion turned to the electric hatch, it ...

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    In deep with GM's Mark Reuss: "The soul of the company has to be things like the Volt"

    Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors North America president Mark Reuss looked tired on the first morning of Detroit's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) press days. His face showed the weight of heavy responsibilities as president of ...


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