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    Report: Tesla loses top communicator Simon Sproule to Aston Martin

    Looking for a new job? Have experience working in a frenetic environment, promoting cutting-edge mobility products for a demanding boss determined to change the way we travel on this planet, as well as how we trek to others? We hear Tesla Motors just might have an opening for such a person. ...

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    Report: Confident new Cadillac marketing boss ready to take on Tesla, BMW
    Uwe Ellinghaus Says Greenwashing Won't Work 1403805600

    When there's a former BMW executive heading Cadillac's efforts to boost sales of its only plug-in, it's a pretty safe guess that the marketing emphasis won't be on environmental friendliness and tree-hugging tendencies. The General Motors luxury brand has appointed ex-Bimmer executive Uwe ...

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    Report: Ford not backing down on MPG-based marketing strategy
    EcoBoost, Hybrids Will Still Be Highlighted In Future Ads 1403737080

    The Blue Oval may have to back off a bit from the green messaging. Ford has had to lower fuel-economy ratings on a number of 2013 and 2014 model-year vehicles, namely its hybrids. And that may force the US automaker to rethink some of its marketing strategy, Automotive News reports. Ford has ...

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    Exclusive: Nissan pokes fun at Tesla's New Jersey woes, then deletes Tweet

    Ever have one of those moments when you release something out onto Twitter, only to think better of it a little while later and reach for that garbage can icon? If so, you are not alone. In fact, you're in the company of a certain Japanese automaker, who recently joined the ranks of those who've ...

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    Official: Ford brings in Lincoln marketing manager to promote electrification

    Ford is getting more serious about meeting its hybrid and electric vehicle sales targets with the transition of C.J. O'Donnell, former Lincoln group marketing manager. O'Donnell played a leading role in reinventing the Lincoln division following the demise of the Mercury brand in early 2011, ...

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    Video: Acura's ILX Hybrid gets all ate up with LED lighting

    Acura has paired its 2013 ILX Hybrid with the band Metric on its U.S. tour. To keep people as intrigued outside the concert as they are inside, Acura turned the ILX into an LED art car with a 3D display where there should have been an interior. Creating the LED light show took 4,600 hours, that ...

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    Report: Volt's target buyers are techies, not greenies

    Which is more likely to signal that someone is a potential buyer of the Chevy Volt: a membership in the Sierra Club or owning the latest-model iPad? According to the people in charge of marketing the Volt, it's gizmos over granola when it comes to their target buyer. "Early on, we talked a ...

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    With plug-in sales, GM and Nissan aren't competing, they're learning

    It's tempting to pop up the sales numbers for the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt each month and treat the results like the score of a sporting event. We certainly do it. However, when you're looking at low-volume cars whose numbers have been constrained by supply issues and customer confusion, ...

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    Video: Fox Marketing supercharges the Lexus CT 200h [w/video]

    Fox Marketing Supercharged Lexus CT 200h – Click above for high-res image gallery Fox Marketing has given Lexus' entry-level hybrid some much-needed teeth, adding an Eaton supercharger to the 2011 CT 200h. The huffer forces air through a Climax Racing intake manifold, helping the CT's ...

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    Video: M35h rewrites hybrid history books (at least according to Infiniti)

    Infiniti believes its new M Hybrid is the first such vehicle built for people who actually enjoy driving. With 360 horsepower on tap, they might just be right. Yes, we are aware of the Lexus GS450h, which can run from 0-60 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds. So is Infiniti for that matter ...

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    Toyota wants to know: Does Prius belong in the dictionary? Does Prii?

    Toyota's "What's the plural of Prius?" contest has garnered more than 1.5 million votes so far spread among the five choices: Prien, Prii, Prium, Prius and Priuses. In the lead is "Prii," with 25 percent, followed a hair later by "Prius" at 24 percent, then there's daylight with "Priuses" at 20 ...

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    Lexus to 'Darkcast' mobile talk show in CT 200h [w/video]

    Lexus 'Darkcasting' – Click above to watch the teaser video after the break
    Lexus is continuing its "Darker Side of Green" advertising campaign for the new CT200h with a new video series. Comedian Whitney Cummings will interview a host of unique personalities as they drive the new hybrid ...

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    Chevy Volt: The Song

    Chevy Volt and Me song -- Click above to watch the video
    The Kraft company recently held a competition inviting the public to name its new Vegemite cream cheese spinoff. The name that won, and made it to shelves, was "iSnack 2.0." Really. It took one day of public cacophony to encourage Kraft to ...

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    REPORT: Reva remote charge to be unlocking battery reserve remotely

    When we first heard the other day that Indian EV maker Reva was planning to announce a remote wireless charging system for its cars next week in Frankfurt, we were, to say the least, skeptical. After all, it takes a pretty significant amount of electrical energy to charge a battery when you have ...

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    Brammo Enertia gets marketing push, photochopping spree and logo contest

    As we wait (and wait) for the Enertia electric motorcycle to show up at Best Buy, the Brammo universe is (also) showing no signs of inertia. While it seems to have covered its funding and distribution bases, the company behind the machine has, besides competing in the TTXGP, been working on the ...

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    What is 230? GM knows, but isn't saying...

    The graphic above has been appearing all over the place -- television, billboards, elevators, baseball games, even people's shirts. It has a blog, Flickr and Facebook pages, and a YouTube channel. What it doesn't have is an explanation. Ad Age lined up the perps behind the online assets and ...

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    MINI asks drivers to hang up the keys and not drive on June 5th

    If you're a Mini owner or an enthusiast, why not leave your car in the garage on June 5th? This may sound unusual for a car company, but its exactly what Mini is asking. The company has named that day, "Let's not motor day," although the official name, courtesy of the UN, is World Environment Day. ...

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    Toyota uses flowers and technology to advertise the 2010 Prius

    Long dead are automotive advertising campaigns that focus solely on the technical aspects of cars. Advertising now focuses in on sensations, feelings, abstract concepts and that "special something" that makes a particular vehicle stand out. Toyota's campaign to launch the 2010 Prius in the States ...

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    Peugeot launches "CO2Operación" to help Spaniards buy new, more efficient cars

    With a quite clever name, "CO2Operación" is Peugeot Spain's new marketing campaign to help Spaniards purchase more efficient cars and raise the Lion marque's sales. If you hadn't noticed, the name mixes the CO2 with the Spanish word for "cooperation." What does the Lion offer? Peugeot will ...

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    Tesla's Darryl Siry on product placement with the Roadster

    Perhaps the most talked about new car to appear in recent years that almost no one has actually driven yet is the Tesla Roadster. The impressive thing about this is that they have managed to pre-sell hundreds of these cars without spending a dime on advertising (aside from whatever was spent on a ...


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