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    Official: These 8 states helped sell quarter-million electric vehicles in US
    Multi-State ZEV Action Plan Still Shooting For 3.3 Million By 2025 1414351680

    Counting the cars that go across the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridges every day doesn't exactly sound like fun. But when we're talking about the Multi-State ZEV Action Plan that eight US states are using to boost zero-emission vehicle adoption, though, we can think of it as a positive thing. ...

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    Official: California, 7 other states ready for 3.3 million EVs by 2025

    Spinal Tap waxed poetic about the value of turning things up to 11. So it's a good thing that that's the number of steps a coterie of eight states (led by California) will take to reach a goal of having 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) on their roads by 2025. Now let's rock. The ...

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    Official: EV Sociability Run returns to celebrate 100th anniversary

    This year's Electric Vehicle "Sociability Run," will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original EV rally, about 65 miles northwest of the original site. This year, electric-vehicle enthusiasts will meet up in Charles Town, WV – and not Washington, DC – on June 7 to toast their ...

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    Official: CA, MD up EV incentives; US Rep wants tax credit increased to $10,000

    Advanced-powertrain vehicle advocates in California and Maryland can rejoice over a chilled glass of Napa Valley's finest white wine and a heaping plate of Baltimore's best crab cakes. That's because both states will continue to make life a little financially sweeter for plug-in vehicle drivers. ...

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    Official: Tesla owners will celebrate Supercharger network with DC meet-up

    Groucho Marx famously said that he'd never belong to a club that would have him as a member. When it comes to this particular club, though, we're going to beg to differ. The Tesla Motors Club is putting out the call for what they're calling the "All Superchargers Lead to DC" tour for Presidents ...

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    Report: Vandalized EV charging stations in Baltimore remain broken after 10 months

    Apparently, there's no place in Baltimore's city-management handbook (or probably any other city's, for that matter) that describes what to do when somebody goes medieval on an electric-vehicle charging station. That's perhaps why, even though the charging ports on two publicly accessible ...

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    Official: Honda Fit EV comes to the East Coast

    After about seven months of limited leasing of its Fit electric vehicles on the West Coast, Honda is taking the EV east. Later this month, the Japanese automaker will make the Honda Fit EV available in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Honda is offering the vehicle ...

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    Report: Will California's ZEV mandate expand across the country?

    More states may follow the Golden State in plug-in vehicle quotas, which could make auto executives see red. Earlier this year, California approved a rule – known as the ZEV Mandate – requiring more than 15 percent of new cars to be so-called zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) by the 2025 ...

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    Daimler, DOE, Maryland deploy 143 heavy-duty Freightliner hybrid trucks

    Daimler Trucks North America, along with the U.S, Department of Energy (DOE) and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), will deploy 143 heavy-duty Freightliner hybrid vehicles under the Maryland Hybrid Truck Initiative (MHTI). MHTI will utilize a $5.9-million grant received through the ...

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    Maryland approves HOV access, $2,000 tax break for plug-ins

    Drivers in Maryland now have two new reasons to opt for a plug-in electric vehicle the next time go new car shopping. Governor Martin O'Malley (above) has reportedly signed bills this week that provide for car pool lane access for plug-in vehicles and a new $2,000 tax break. The High Occupancy ...

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    Buy a house, get a Prius for free

    Click above for more high-res shots of the 2007 Toyota Prius TouringThere is more than just the high price for a gallon of gasoline which is weighing heavily on the nation's economy. The housing slump has been hitting hard as well, with many homes sitting unsold for much longer periods and selling ...

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    Maryland legislators may require cars to make some noise

    For decades, police and lawmakers have been trying to crack down on excessive noise from cars, whether it came from wide open exhaust or audio systems. Many places have drive-by noise standards. My own town has an ordinance that if an officer of the law can hear a car stereo from more than about 50 ...


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