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mate rimac

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    Video: When you put Rimac Concept One batteries into a wheelchair, magic happens

    Rimac Automobili is no stranger to our pages, but it's usually for the Concept_One supercar or its sleek spinoffs. Today, though, the company is talking up a feel-good alternative use for the electric vehicle's batteries: powering a wheelchair for a young fan, Rolly Bugnar, who suffers from a ...

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    Two Wheels: Greyp Bikes puts Rimac performance on two wheels *UPDATE

    A Rimac for the rest of us? If you've been bummed that you couldn't quite afford an electric supercar from Rimac Automobili, don't despair. It appears the folks behind the Concept_One have applied their engineering talent to a simpler, more affordable product. Freshly revealed at the Salon ...

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    Official: Rimac Automobili expands into component supply, ready for DIY electric vehicles

    It not easy building a true high-performance electric vehicle. Even if money isn't a problem, there is a dearth of component suppliers with the kind of equipment and expertise you would need to succeed. Tesla Motors is unlikely to hand out examples of the secret sauce that gives its Model S ...

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    Video: Mate Rimac's e-M3 launches itself into FIA record books

    A few years back, Mate Rimac replaced the internal combustion drivetrain in his 1986 BMW E30 with an electric one and dubbed it the bi-moto EV – it was originally intended it to have two motors. Then, in a quest to build the fastest electric car ever, he reconfigured that original setup ...

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    Frankfurt: Rimac Automobili Concept One revealed [w/video]

    The sheet has been lovingly lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the first official images are now available. As the earlier teasers suggested, this electric supercar looks absolutely, well...super! It's hard to believe that a machine with performance that ...

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    Exclusive: Rimac Automobili Concept One's Frankfurt teaser pics make us ohhh, ahhh

    When the sheet is lifted from the Rimac Automobili Concept One electric hypercar on September 13th at the Frankfurt Motor Show – Hall 4.0, Stand A43 at 3:00 pm, in case you plan on attending – we hope the Croatian company has some heated neck pads on hand. There may be a few cases of ...

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    Frankfurt: World's first all-electric supercar teased ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show [w/video]

    Ahead of its reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rimac Automobili has released some rendered teasers that hike the skirt of its all-electric, all-wheel-drive, 1088-horsepower Concept One supercar that we were telling you about, and have also given us details that further pique our interest in the ...

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    Frankfurt Auto Show electric supercar debut foreshadowed by e-miglia entrant

    The sophomore e-miglia is now under way and one of the entrants is a certain faster-than-a-Tesla BMW e30 conversion familiar to AutoblogGreen readers. It is attending the multi-day, 800-kilometer (497-mile) electric vehicle rally from Munich, Germany to Switzerland's St. Moritz to not only to ...

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    VST Conversions BWM EV gets faster, lighter, more powerful

    While it was only a short four months ago when we first reported on the BMW bi-moto EV Racer, things haven't slowed down at VST Conversions. We wanted to give you an update on this one-of-a-kind electric conversion that is only getting better. Gone are the pair of power packs (one in the ...

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    VIDEO: VST Conversions blows us, competition away with BMW bi-moto EV Racer

    VST Conversions BMW bi-moto EV – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Back in February of 2009, a fellow hailing from Croatia showed up on DIY Electric Car, a forum for EV builders and conversion enthusiasts, saying he wanted to build an electric that is faster than 99 percent of the ...


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