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    New York 2008: everything on the Progressive Automotive X Prize in one place

    We had a heap of posts on the Progressive Automotive X Prize (that still doesn't quite roll off the tongue) following the big announcement from New York last week. In the flurry of posts, it may have been easy for someone who doesn't check AutoblogGreen with an F5-trigger finger fanaticism ...

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    Richard Branson, Mayor Bloomberg slam biofuels

    Criticisms of biofuels just keep piling up. At a UN Assembly debate on Climate Change, New York Mayor Bloomberg framed the biofuel food vs. fuel debate starkly saying "people literally will starve to death in parts of the world, it always happens when food prices go up." At the same meeting, ...

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    Videos: NY Mayor Bloomberg test drives Javlon, Popular Mechanic test drives Aptera

    The video above shows New York mayor Bloomberg speaking in China and saying he will test drive Miles Automotive's Javlon electric car. Recently, we told you early versions of the car had rolled off the production line and the company was checking them out in China.Below is a video about another ...

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    New York Mayor Bloomberg test drives Miles Automotive's Javlon in China

    According to CNET, the first prototypes of Miles Automotive's Javlon have come off the production line in China and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a chance to test drive one of them. CNET also reports the prototypes will come to the states in a few months, the Javlon will cost $35,000 and ...


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