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    Ford finds flex-fuel engine design plays big role in emissions output

    How bad is ethanol for your engine? There's been a lot of debate on this issue as the US considers upping the biofuel content in the national gasoline supply from 10 percent (E10) to 15 percent (E15). The ethanol industry and some scientists say higher ethanol blends show no "meaningful ...

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    Ford implements cost-cutting strategy for hybrid vehicles

    Even though there are more hybrids on the market today than ever before, automakers still need to squeeze more cost savings out each one, whether that be by economies of scale or by developing technology in-house. That's the strategy that Ford is using, says Sherif Marakby, the company's ...

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    Ford kills Mercury, will make Lincoln the most efficient luxury brand

    Lincoln Concept C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford Motor Company is finally getting serious about making Lincoln a top notch premium brand to compete with the likes of Lexus and Cadillac. To make that happen, the Blue Oval will introduce seven all new or heavily refreshed ...

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    Report: Mark Fields tells dealers new compact Mercury coming in 2011

    Lincoln Concept C - Click for high-res image gallery
    At the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Orlando, FL on Sunday, Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields announced the first new product for Mercury in several years. The fate of Ford's middle brand has been in doubt for ...

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    Report: Ford issues TSB fix for brake pedal on Fusion Hybrid models [w/video]

    Consumer Reports explains Ford Fusion Hybrid braking issue – Click above to watch the video after the break
    It would seem that Toyota isn't the only automaker with braking issues on its hybrid vehicles, as Ford has reportedly issued a Technical Service Bulletin outlining a software update ...

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    Ford: New remote start option will reduce harmful emissions by up to 75%

    digg_url = ''; Good news, Ford fans: The Blue Oval is finally stepping into the 21st Century by adding remote start and heated steering wheels to its line of cars and trucks. The remote start option will make its first ...

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    Top Ten "green" cars that met their fate during Cash for Clunkers

    One rule that all clunked cars needed to adhere to was a maximum rating of 18 MPG from the federal government, right? What wasn't required was that the clunked car be considered dirty. After all, it's pretty clear that CNG vehicles burn clean, but that didn't stop 232 of them from meeting their ...

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    GM using bankruptcy to shirk responsibility for clunker mercury switches?

    Here's the problem: General Motors went through the bankruptcy earlier this year and was able to pawn off a lot of unwanted things onto a new company called, originally, General Motors Company (since renamed Motors Liquidation Company). Some of the unwanted crap includes polluted old factories ...

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    How Ford's Smartgauge came to pass

    Click on the SmartGauge empower display for a high res gallery
    A few months ago, Ford unveiled the new eco-friendly instrument cluster called the SmartGauge in the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids. Since there's no new car to highlight right now, Ford though it'd be a good time to give the ...

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    Euro-Fords could come to America as Mercurys

    We've been waiting, along with pretty much everyone else in the country, for Ford to go ahead and bring over some of the desirable small cars it sells in Europe to the United States. It's been discussed over and over, and rumors now predict that Ford will make some official product announcements on ...

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    2008 Mariner hybrid costs $2K less than 2007

    The hybrid price war is heating up. Mercury has released pricing for the 2008 Mariner hybrid. It's $26,620 and 2WD. The 2007 Mariner Hybrid was only 4WD and $28,615. Okay, maybe the price is lower because it's 2WD and not 4WD. I guess the price drops maybe a response to the loss of some tax ...

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    Ford of India's new SUV/polar bear ad could be considered a tad insensitive

    Something tells me that Ford of America and Ford of India do not share any information or assistance when it comes to advertising and marketing strategies. With all of the thought that apparently goes into advertising, one might think that somebody would have realized that this new ad in India - ...

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    2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: In the Autobloggreen garage, Day 4-5

    Probably one of the main reasons for a consumer to consider the Mercury Mariner Hybrid is clearly the promise of excellent fuel economy for a compact SUV. The hybrid powertrain delivers a driving experience very much like a traditional gasoline only powered car. The hybrid architecture for the ...

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    2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: In the Autobloggreen garage, Day 3-4

    For our second installment of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid review, we'll be spending some more time inside the car, and driving the car. For the average sized family, the compact Mariner SUV should be adequately spacious. Even if you are over 6 feet, and you are sitting behind a tall driver, you ...

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    2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: In the Autobloggreen garage, Day 1-2

    The first car to show up in the AutoBlogGreen garage for a few days was a 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, the slightly more upscale cousin of the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Mariner Hybrid didn't earn its spot in the ABG garage because of its luxury features, however. The main reason for us having a ...

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    Mercury switch replacement program offered in Oregon and Idaho

    Most of the green we talk about here at AutoblogGreen relates to a car's engine, fuel tank and/or tailpipe. Today we've got a story from the Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal about a common harmful toxin that is often found in cars, but this one's in the trunk. Turns out, until 2003, most cars used a ...


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