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    Study: Do urban walking and making money go hand-in-hand?
    Somehow, They Do. Sort Of. 1403715600

    Missing Persons famously sang that Nobody Walks In LA all the way back in 1982. But, according to one report, the times they are a changing. More people will soon be walking in that car-centric city than they do now, the theory goes. Just like they will in Boston, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit. A ...

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    Motorsports: Andretti Sports Marketing will bring Formula E race to downtown Miami

    A famous racing name is going to help bring zero-emission F1-style racing to downtown Miami next year. Andretti Sports Marketing will be the official event organizers for the Formula E race in the Magic City in the spring of 2015. Andretti Sports Marketing is no stranger to hosting urban ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E electric racing coming to Miami, Los Angeles

    The Formula E all-electric racing series continues to make all kinds of happy announcements ahead of its inaugural 2014 season. This time, the good news is the publication of a provisional calender with eight of the ten eventual locations. The US will be bi-coastally blessed when the racing ...

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    Official: Car2go cuts long-term reservations; Miami service proves popular

    Car2go seems to have discovered the equivalent of a seller's market. The Daimler-owned car-sharing service, in an e-mail to customers, said it'll stop long-term reservation availability for its cars starting November 12. Given that the average trip in a vehicle is less than a half-hour and most ...

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    Official: Car2go opens in Miami today, but there's an unfortunate payment twist

    The latest city to get a pack of Smart Fortwo vehicles awaiting your carsharing orders is Miami, FL, where 240 Car2go Fortwos are going into service today. As regular readers surely know by now, Car2go's model uses "free floating" carsharing vehicles that can be rented by the minute. Instead of ...

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    Miami EV Project converts VW Golf to electric drive

    Have you ever sat around with your friend and though, "hey, we should make our car an electric car"? Well, Danny Alva and Donato Helbling did, and they actually went through with their plan. Now, their DIY project is live both online - at Miami EV Project - and in the real world (see above). The ...


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