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michael bloomberg

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    Report: NYC mayor Bloomberg signs bill requiring 20% of all parking spaces to be EV 'charger ready'

    At least it's not in any way difficult to find a parking spot in Manhattan. If it was, New York City's new plan to make at least 20 percent of the off-street parking throughout the five boroughs accessible to a plug-in vehicle charging station would be really onerous. Oh, wait. The largest city ...

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    Supreme Court strikes down Bloomberg's hybrid taxi plan for NYC

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has fought long and hard to uphold a local law requiring all city cab companies to replace their gas-guzzling Ford Crown Victoria sedans with more efficient livery vehicles. A noble goal, no doubt, but the Supreme Court is having none of it. The New York Post ...

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    NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls for free crosstown buses to ease traffic

    If that NYC crosstown traffic is slowing you down, you might like Mayor Bloomberg's invitation to New Yorker's to come on and take a free ride. Apparently, certain crosstown buses run so slow that the Mayor wants to introduce dedicated bus lanes stop collecting fares on them in an effort to speed ...

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    Bloomberg to announce $8 congestion fee for cars entering NYC

    During a speech he's scheduled to give tomorrow that will outline his remaining time in office, New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, will announce plans to charge cars entering Manhattan below 86th street an $8 congestion fee, similar to the controversial charge enacted by London's mayor, Ken ...


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