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    Video: What was Michelin Challenge Bibendum doing in China?
    One Of The World's Largest Green Car Gatherings In A Place That Needs It 1416358620

    There were any number of things said at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum last week that could easily be taken as platitudes. In the opening address by the CEO of the Michelin Group, Jean-Dominique Senard, for example, we have this: the Challenge has "the goal of imagining and creating the mobility ...

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    Motorsports: Nissan, Michelin working on special eco tires for ZEOD RC

    As Nissan neared completion of its ZEOD RC electric racer, the automaker approached Michelin with a challenge: make us some racing tires with low rolling resistance that also have a high level of grip. Nissan wanted the tires for it ZEOD RC (Zero Emission on Demand Racing Car) electric car, ...

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    Official: Michelin tires help green up Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park's most famous attraction is called "Old Faithful." Now, Michelin says its tires make their own claim to dependability inside the oldest national park in the US. Indeed, the tiremaker has donated more than 1,400 tires to the National Park Service since 2008, enough so ...

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    Official: Drayson Racing EV hits 204.185 mph, sets new FIA world land speed record

    A 39-year-old FIA World Electric Land Speed Record has fallen to a sleek, green electric machine called the Lola. Officially the Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le Mans Prototype, the 1000-kilogram (2,204-pound) race car hit a top speed of 204.185 miles per hour yesterday at RAF Elvington Airfield in ...

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    Bibendum 2011: Overview, introduction and one tiny EV

    Trying to understand the scope of the 2011 Challenge Bibendum – Michelin's multi-day, mindblowingly comprehensive sustainability mobility event held this year in Berlin, Germany – is not easy. There are 280 vehicles on display or as part of the ride and drive. There are dozens of ...

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    Video: Michelin uses truly disturbing puppets to talk about importance of tire pressure

    Michelin uses puppets to explain tire pressure – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We're all about supporting PSAs that spread the good word about proper automobile maintenance, but this is just creepy. Michelin has tapped the Puppet Broadcasting Company to create a video that ...

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    Challenge Bibendum: Michelin expects electric car to make up 5% of the market in 2020

    As the hosts of the Challenge Bibendum, Michelin took a bit of time in Rio de Janiero to allow the company's three managing partners (the company's leaders, as it does not have a CEO) to talk about why the 10th running of the eco-event was important and took questions from the assembled journalists ...

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    Challenge Bibendum: Michelin execs explain why the company cares about greener tires, cars

    For the tenth time in twelve years, Michelin is sponsoring something called the Challenge Bibendum. This global event has been held in Europe, the U.S., Asia and, now, Brazil. Michelin invited us down to check of some of the work people are doing to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles around ...

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    Consumer Reports tests fuel-saving tires, Michelin Energy Saver comes out on top

    Of all the tips and tricks that are known to save fuel on modern-day cars and trucks, one that often gets overlooked is getting the right set of tires mounted up. Of course, nobody wants to use an inferior set of tires in the hopes of saving just a wee bit of gas, so Consumer Reports decided it was ...

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    Design students imagine lightweight, aerodynamic wheels... of steel?

    As car makers strive to meet increased CAFE standards, a lot of cars will be getting both lighter and more aerodynamic. While aluminum and carbon fiber grab a lot of the lightweight headlines, there's no getting around the fact that cars are going to be made out of steel for a long time to come. ...

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    Ze EV? Valeo, Michelin team up for French electric car champion

    It's not a new idea, but Valeo and Michelin want France to be known for electric cars. The two companies have announced they will partner up to develop and build pure EVs and plug-in hybrids. One of the more important partners, an automaker, is still missing. The two companies hope that Michelin's ...

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    Michelin signs on as title sponsor of ALMS Green Challenge

    The American Le Mans Series launched its Green Challenge last fall at the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta. For 2009, ALMS is making it a season-long fixture. Today in Washington, D.C., ALMS CEO Scott Atherton announced that the French tire maker Michelin has signed on as a title sponsor of the ...

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    2009 Michelin Challenge Bibendum delayed to at least 2010

    The current economic turmoil has claimed another victim: the 2009 edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The event, which has been held more or less annually since 2000, was scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next April, but now won't happen until at least a year later. ...

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    Michelin teams up with CITIC Guoan Mengguli Corp. for EVs

    Click above for more shots of the Michelin Active Wheel and the Ventire Volage
    When one thinks of Michelin, the first thing that often pops up, after the Michelin Man of course, is tires. A tire's design can have a tremendous impact on any given car's performance, both in the traditional sense and ...

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    Paris 2008: Heuliez, Michelin and Orange wrap a revolution in a plain package

    French coachbuilder Heuliez, along with Michelin and Orange™, have brought with them to the 2008 Paris Motor Show a most unremarkable-looking car. (My apologies to fans of the Opel Agila) And that's the point. The WILL (pictured above) is meant to seem "familiar and friendly" even though its ...

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    Paris Preview: Venturi and Michelin to unveil electric vehicle collaboration

    This year's edition of the Paris Motor Show is shaping up to be quite a collection of ecological innovation, ranging from the presently practical to the futuristically fanciful. The just-announced vehicular offspring from a Michelin and Venturi collaboration is bound to fall into the later ...

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    French magazine calculates the real savings using low-rolling resistance tires

    Every time an automaker announces a green signature label, one of the factory-installed features to reduce fuel consumption is probably low-rolling resistance tires. French magazine Autoplus did a test drive on a regular car, to see how much fuel these tires save. The magazine wanted to run the ...

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    Airbus successfully tests fuel cells in civilian aircraft

    Nope, this isn't a story about a plane flying exclusively on hydrogen. Instead, it's about Airbus' use of a fuel cell to obtain electricity for some of the plane's electrical needs: motor pump, back-up hydraulic circuit and operating the aircraft's ailerons. The cells produced a total of 10 liters ...

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    California has low-resistance tire laws

    When I read the Detroit News article headlined Michelin responds with 'green' tires for California, an article about Michelin working with and not fighting California over tire regulation I thought, "That's great, a major corporation working with... wait a minute! California actually has a low ...

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    Michelin wants to paint the sky to show how much CO2 they save

    Michelin is proud of its line of low-resistance rolling tires (mostly sold under the Energy Saving brand) which have been available since 1992. The French company is launching a campaign in four cities around the world where big scoreboards will refresh every second showing the claimed amount of ...


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