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    Report: US average fuel economy reaches all-time high

    New cars sold in the US had a record-high fleetwide fuel economy, up about 14 percent over the past four years, the Detroit Bureau reports, citing the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). New US vehicles sold in 2012 averaged 23.8 miles per gallon, up six percent from ...

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    Opinion: Ex-Michigan governor says 'get over it,' and just support electric vehicle production

    Let's just say Jennifer Granholm and Neil Cavuto probably won't be exchanging Christmas cards this year. Granholm, the former governor of Michigan, made clear in an op-ed in the Huffington Post (like AutoblogGreen, an AOL site) that she remains all for using federal funds to push electric-vehicle ...

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    Official: University of Michigan wins American Solar Challenge fourth time in a row

    When you're within spitting distance of the Motor City, you've got to defend your turf. That's exactly what the University of Michigan's Solar Car Team did with its solar-powered vehicle last week when it won the 2012 American Solar Challenge – the fourth year in a row the team has taken ...

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    Official: Only 6% of U.S. utilities offer electric vehicle tariffs

    The feds may be willing to make some financial concessions to encourage electric-vehicle use, but utility companies? Not so much. Just six percent of U.S. utilities offer special electricity rates for plug-in vehicle drivers charging their vehicles at home, according to a report released this ...

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    Official: Ford's sustainability efforts include big energy consumption drop

    Ford may be taking small steps when it comes to electric-vehicle sales, but it says it's taking leaps in other areas of environmental protection. In its 13th annual sustainability report, Ford said that it reduced energy use per vehicle by 22 percent in the past six years and will cut energy ...

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    University of Michigan hopes to set new 3,300-mpg record in SAE Challenge [w/video]

    The University of Michigan has had one of the preeminent solar car teams in the world for more than two decades, but a new group of students is looking to make its own mark in the world of green engineering. The school will be fielding its first entry in the annual SAE Supermileage competition ...

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    Official: Chrysler fetes its most eco-friendly dealers, with bamboo

    The company may be best known for tire-melting Hemi engines, but at least some of its dealerships are showing some love for the environment. Chrysler, which launched a program last year to commemorate its most eco-friendly dealers, has named its first batch of 30 winners as part of its Dealer ...

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    Report: Michigan dealer sells roughly a Chevy Volt a day

    One Michigan car dealership sells almost one Chevrolet Volt every day, a far cry above the sales at most other dealerships. The reason is that the dealer's staff has been extensively trained on the car, aggressively cross-selling the model and playing up the green connection with two windmills on ...

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    Official: Chrysler delivers first plug-in minivans in $26m demonstration project

    OK, so these really may be the world's coolest minivans. Chrysler has deployed four plug-in hybrid-electric Town & Country minivans to the city of Auburn Hills, MI as part of a $26-million demonstration project. Chrylser says it plans for each minivan to rack up 16,800 miles during the ...

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    Followup: GM downplays effect of battery-pack accident on plug-in sales

    What, we worry? A General Motors executive is downplaying the potential effects of last week's explosion of a prototype battery pack in Michigan on sales of plug-in vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in, saying that high gas prices will continue to fuel sales ...

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    Official: A123's deadline to spend $249 million grant extended through 2014

    Looks like A123 Systems' range has just been extended by a couple of years. A123, the lithium-ion battery-pack maker for companies such as Fisker Automotive and General Motors, has received a two-year extension on its deadline to spend a $249 million grant from the federal government on a ...

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    Video: Translogic chases the sun with Michigan's solar car team

    No, that is not the world's most awesome Michigan Wolverines beer pong table. It's a million-dollar race car that's powered by the sun, and in the most recent episode of Translogic, our sister site visits the University of Michigan Solar Car Team to learn all about it. The Wolverines have been ...

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    Official: U.S. new-vehicle fuel economy hits 24.1 mpg, another record, in March *UPDATE

    As gas prices rise, Americans continue to speak with their wallets. New car fuel economy levels in the U.S. reached a record high for the third straight month in March, reflecting efforts by the American public to curb refueling spending by buying more hybrids and four-cylinder cars, according ...

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    Hybrid Army tank renderings, some specs revealed

    New renderings and some specifications for the hybrid-electric U.S. Army tank that's been in the works for more than four years have been revealed. BAE Systems, which demonstrated the first hybrid-drive ground-combat vehicle (GCV) in August 2007, says the tank is as much as 20 percent more ...

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    Report: U.S. electric-vehicle adoption rate isn't slow, it's typical

    We've all heard the doom and gloom about the failure of plug-in cars, right? It is true that plug-in vehicles will account for substantially less than one percent of new cars sold in the U.S. this year, but that doesn't mean electric-drive vehicle advocates should fret. Not when you look at a ...

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    Study: U.S. new car fuel economy dips in December

    The average fuel economy of a new U.S. vehicle purchased last month fell about two percent from November and was down slightly from a year earlier, reflecting what may be the public's reaction to fuel prices that have steadily fallen since eclipsing the $4 threshold in May. The average new ...

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    Study: Michigan home to 38,067 "green" automotive jobs

    Looking to join the growing number of "green" automotive workers? Well, then consider packing up and moving to Michigan (if you're not already there). That action would seem to be the most logical since the Great Lake State is now home to more than 38,067 "green" automotive jobs, according to a ...

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    Solar farm losing money due to Michigan's "schizophrenic" property tax

    With electrical output hitting 225,592 kilowatt hours in its first full year of operation, a solar farm in Kalamazoo Coun­ty, MI, which came online in early 2010, has exceeded expectations, according the MLive. That's the good news. Here's the bad news: Sam Field, a Kalamazoo attor­ney ...

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    SAE pledges to support Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance

    The Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE), a worldwide association consisting of 128,000 engineers and technicians, has pledged its support for the Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance (MAGMA). Over the next five years, automakers forecast the need for more than 1,000 ...

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    More details on Michigan becoming initial market for Volt along with California

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has admitted for well over a year that when the Chevrolet Volt goes on sale late this year, it would initially only be available in selected markets. The idea is to offer the car in regions that are most amenable to ...


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