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    Report: Nobel Prize winner Hartmut Michel reasons biofuels are a bad idea

    It looks like one Nobel Prize winner groups biofuels with another, ahem, organic and somewhat odorous material. Prize winner Hartmut Michel, who's the director of the Molecular Membrane Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, has gone on record criticizing the use of biofuels for ...

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    Pilot commercial algae to biofuel plant announced in Israel

    Inventure Chemical and Seambiotic have announced a joint venture to create a pilot commercial plant which will use algae to produce an array of chemicals and biofuels. The plant uses CO2 as feedstock for the algae. Inventure Chemicals comes into the partnership with knowledge about ...

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    Tyca reveals lamps that could absorb CO2 in parking lots

    French company Tyca, which usually works on aquarium and aquiculture projects, has announced the development of lamps that could capture CO2. The lamps are actually a sort of aquarium made of transparent walls that hold microscopic algae that eat CO2 and use solar light to produce O2, like plants. ...


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