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    Official: May new-vehicle fleetwide fuel-economy remains at record 23.7 mpg

    Former NBA great Shaquille O'Neal retired with a career scoring average of 23.7 points per game. And like Shaq's scoring average, the new-vehicle fleetwide fuel economy mpg number doesn't want to budge, either. May was the third straight month that fleetwide fuel economy stayed at 23.7 miles per ...

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    Official: Ford hit with another lawsuit over C-Max, Fusion Hybrid mpg claims

    Ford is waiting to see if it will be facing several class action lawsuits over its mileage ratings - three of which were filed in late April. Suits filed in federal courthouses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California claim Ford is overstating the average mileage ratings for its 2013 Ford ...

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    Report: Hyundai, Kia owners accept fuel economy apologies, love their debit cards

    Hyundai and Kia may have gotten lots of bad press for inflated fuel economy ratings, but the on-the-ground reality isn't all that bad. Automotive News says that dealers have been pleased at how the parent companies have handled the November scandal and the reimbursement programs are making ...

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    Report: Iowa newspaper finds no problems using E15; biofuel could have saved drivers $69m

    There's been a lot of concern expressed over the potentially damaging impact on engines that E15 – gasoline with 15 percent ethanol – could have on vehicle engines. AAA most recently sounded an alarm on the issue – the organization says that sale of E15 gasoline should be ...

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    Fleets and consumers now see practical alternative-fuel vehicle options

    Automakers and fans of alternative fuel vehicles have been waiting for years for consumers to start rolling off dealer lots driving green cars. It is slowly starting to happen, with the number of vehicles that don't run exclusively on standard gasoline nearly doubling from 534,000 on US roads in ...

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    Report: Ford C-Max Hybrid requires disciplined driving to hit 47 mpg

    Ford, and other automakers selling hybrid electric vehicles, may need to place a warning label near the city/highway miles per gallon label on the car's window sticker: "WARNING: Your average fuel economy will be determined by your driving conditions, including speed traveled on highways and how ...

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    Official: UC researchers' new navigation system could boost EV range

    Stash this one in the "we don't see a downside to this" department. UC Riverside researchers are developing a navigation system specifically geared towards cutting fuel use and, in some cases, increasing electric-vehicle driving range. Instead of merely plotting out directions to a certain ...

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    Chevy Volt, Chevy Cruze Eco square off in 1,000-mile showdown

    It's been argued that General Motors' halo vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, is more or less a bait and switch bit of technology dreamed up by folks at GM for one reason: to draw buyers into showrooms. Once there, loads of potential Volt buyers opt for the Chevy Cruze Eco instead of the pricey plug-in ...

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    Valeo to focus on new products that improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions

    2010 Citroen C3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Automotive supplier Valeo SA has struggled to gain market share over the past decade. Attempting to turn things around, the company will focus its efforts on fuel efficiency. Valeo has made carbon dioxide reduction its primary ...

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    Pay-per-mile car insurance might come to California

    The idea of paying for your insurance by the mile is not new. MileMeter, in Texas, offers pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) rates and California has been using mileage brackets to set insurance rates for years. A new, more precise PAYD system is under discussion in California that would give people who ...

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    Mileage tax gains support of House Transportation Committee chair

    Earlier this year, new Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (R) briefly flirted with the idea of a mileage tax, where drivers would pay based on how far they drive. Briefly. Later, the State of Oregon released a study that found a way to "successfully" implement a mileage tax - GPS units and a ...

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    Miles per gallon: Overrated?

    Sure, there are plenty of things in the automotive world that are overrated. Enough, in fact, to compile a whole list of them, as seen here. Come on, join in... it's fun! For instance, in addition to the small SUVs that already made the list, why not add big SUVs too? Most buyers of the big ...

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    Car and Driver looks at mileage myths and misconceptions

    In the latest issue of Car and Driver my friend Mike Austin has taken a look at a variety of different beliefs that people have about what saves fuel when driving. As we all know by now, driver behavior does have a major impact on fuel consumption. Mike and his test colleagues went out and ran ...

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    Earth Day: How much energy would the U.S. save if ten percent of the population switched to hybrids

    We here at AutoblogGreen are big on technology that can lower environmental impact. Hybrids are widely touted as one way of doing that although some are much better at it than others. With over a million of the most popular hybrid, the iconic Prius, being sold there must be a noticeable decrease in ...

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    Really? Are cup holders still more important than fuel mileage?

    Car buyers can be a fickle group. Put another way: we hate pumping gas, but we love chugging coffee while we drive more. General Motors reports that consumers say good fuel mileage is the third-most-important consideration, right there behind styling and value, for customers looking to purchase ...

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    John Kerry goes bigger and less green, switches from Escape to Tahoe hybrid

    Click image for photo galleryDid you know that going from a vehicle that's rated at 34/30 mpg to one that gets 21/22 mpg is helping to "fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?" That's what Senator John Kerry's (D-MA) deputy chief of staff, David Wade, would have people believe. ...

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    Find your mileage from your mobile

    Perhaps this story has more to do with the proliferation of the Internet than it does about green car trends, but here we go anyway. We all know that you can check to find out what the fuel mileage of current and past cars is or was. Anybody who carries an internet-capable cell ...

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    Dealers and auto executives take their lobbying efforts to Washington

    A massive lobbying effort is taking place in Washington as you read this. The issue at hand are modified CAFE standards. Executives from the automotive industry apparently are not powerful enough on their own accord, so they have asked dealers to join them in the battle. By bringing auto dealers ...

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    Can't reach your Prius rated mileage? These drivers got almost 116mpg!

    We all know that few people ever achieve the mileage displayed on their window sticker particularly if they drive a hybrid. The Toyota Prius is rated at 55mpg but a group of Japanese drivers have managed to get more, much more, than that. A Japanese man named Takashi Toya and his friends go for the ...

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    An internet forum dedicated to miles per gallon

    If you have been on the internets (see, I have... w00t! I M L33t :-) for any length of time, you know that pretty much anything you could ever want to know (or not know) is probably already there. Forums were developed for people with a common interest to get together with people that they don't ...


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