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    Report: Miles EV files for bankruptcy alongside Coda's troubles

    As Coda Automotive goes through bankruptcy proceedings, related companies are not escaping the turmoil. Both Lio Energy Systems Holdings and Miles Electric Vehicles asked this week to have their bankruptcy cases jointed administered with Coda's, since they're all tied together. Miles Automotive ...

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    Coda Automotive adds former MINI, VW exec as marketing officer

    Code EV sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Coda electric sedan just got a new advocate. Kerri Martin, who used to work for Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorcycles, MINI and Volkswagen "launching, building and reinvigorating some of the world's most iconic pop culture brands" over the ...

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    Miles EV launches Coda Automotive for full speed electric sedan w/VIDEO

    click above for a high res gallery of the Code EV sedan
    Today, Miles EV announced that the full speed electric car that it has been developing for the last several years will bear the new Coda Automotive brand. The Coda sedan will be assembled in China by Hafei under the direction of staff from ...

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    New highway-speed Miles electric sedan to be unveiled next week

    On June 3rd, Miles EV will unveil their new, highway-speed all-electric 4-door sedan and offer up the first test rides. A new strategic partner for the automaker best know for its low-speed vehicles will also be named. Miles EV CEO Kevin Czinger will make the announcement in Santa Monica, and ...

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    Miles Automotive removes highway speed electric vehicle from homepage, rebranding coming soon

    As you can see in the screen grab above, Miles Automotive's website currently lists two just vehicles: low speed cars and trucks. But, you say, wasn't there a lot of talk about a highway-speed electric vehicle not that long ago (and even quite a while ago)? Indeed there was, and we can now explain ...

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    Miles EV names ex-Goldman Sachs exec as Co-Chairman

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    Miles Electric Vehicles is continuing to beef up its executive lineup, this time naming a new Co-Chairman alongside founder Miles Rubin. Steven "Mac" Heller has been on the board since last November. Heller was formerly head of mergers and acquisitions as well as the ...

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    Miles EV board now includes ex-GM and Ford electric vehicle execs

    Click image to enlarge
    We recently learned a lot of information about the Miles EV highway speed sedan (above); today, we learn a little bit more about the company itself. The Miles EV advisory board now included Kenneth Baker (not the actor who played R2-D2) and John Wallace, both of whom have ...

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    Miles EV CEO talks about highway speed electric sedan, company's future

    A little while back, we got our first official peek of the Miles EV highway speed sedan. That picture can now be fleshed out a bit with details on how Miles EV is planning to bring this Chinese-built all-electric car to the US market. Miles EV CEO Kevin Czinger sat down with AutoblogGreen and ...

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    TTAC not pleased with a 2007 Miles ZX40S

    The last time The Truth About Cars got its hands on an all-electric alternative vehicle, it was less than impressed. Now, the site's latest tester is the Miles ZX40S. Will this more practical alternative to the gasoline engine win some favor from TTAC? No, not really. The actual test model procured ...

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    Miles EV highway speed sedan, first official rendering

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    Back in 2007, this car was called the Javlon XS500. Then it got shortened to just XS500. Now, the all-electric sedan that Miles EV wants to bring market in 2010 or so is called, well, nothing yet. A highway-speed sedan that Miles hopes to sell 9,000 of in 2010 is visually just ...

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    Miles EV raises millions in Series B fundraising round

    Miles Electric Vehicles Inc. is still working on the highway-speed XS500 and to make that vehicle a success the company will need lots of money. A story on peHub said that Miles EV is about to close a $40 million Series B funding round, but the reality isn't quite as clear cut as that. Kara ...

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    Miles Automotive offers EVs to campus groups

    College campuses are one of those ideal locations to use all-electric low-speed vehicles. You don't usually have to go very far, you can't go 70 mph, and there are often a lot of environmentally-aware student groups. So it makes a lot of sense for Miles Automotive to announce today a new ...

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    Miles Automotive in the 2007 NEV market

    Another company adding to the US neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market with new models is Miles Automotive. NEVs are plug-in electric vehicles that are limited to a top speed of 25 mph and are exempted from many of the regulations that apply to other vehicles. Most of the NEVs available so far ...

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    Chinese-made Miles OR70 NEV drawing interest on East Coast

    Although it looks like a typical 4-door subcompact car, the Miles OR70 is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). In most states it's limited to roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. Most people equate NEVs with open-air golf carts, but the OR70 is designed with more automotive features and ...

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    How does USA Weekend handle green cars? Lightly

    Whenever a topic like green cars makes a diluted appearance in a mass-market publication like USA Weekend (from USA Today), it's worth checking in to see what the writers (or, more likely, the editors) got right and wrong. This past weekend, USA Weekend published its annual auto issue, and green ...


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