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    Official: How the Pentagon plans to deal with climate change
    DOD Says Uncertain Cause 'Cannot Be An Excuse For Delaying Action' 1413314820

    In case the Pentagon didn't make it clear enough that climate change is a real and dangerous thing in its Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) earlier this year, perhaps the new Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (PDF) will drive the point home. Some of the content is roughly the same, but that title ...

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    Read This: Tesla puts emphasis on hiring military veterans

    When we think of American car companies, brands that come to mind immediately are Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and if you're an AutoblogGreen reader, Tesla Motors. The California-based maker of electric vehicles doesn't treat that lightly, as we find in an article from the San Jose Mercury ...

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    Report: Democrats battling Republicans over military biofuels

    It looks like Blue's fighting Red over the Green. Democratic members of Congress and some U.S. military leaders are planning to fight the Republican-led effort to quash efforts to expand use of biofuels for the U.S. military, the Colorado Independent reports. Proponents of more biofuel use by ...

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    Report: House Committee votes to end military biofuel programs

    So about those plans for more military biofuel production... A Republican-led group within the House Armed Services Committee recently voted to ban the U.S. Department of Defense from paying more for biofuels used for military vehicles than regular fuels, putting at risk hundreds of millions of ...

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    Official: U.S. Army unveils GM-made fuel-cell military vehicles

    The U.S. Army unveiled a fleet of General Motors-made hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles in Hawaii as part of that state's efforts to cut down its use of fossil fuels and its dependence on non-renewable energy. All U.S. military branches will test the vehicles to find out the effectiveness of ...

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    Report: Pentagon report says U.S. pays $400/gal for gas in Afghanistan [w/video]

    Fed up with the price of gas? We feel your pain. Depending on what state you live in, gas is likely to be found for somewhere between three and four dollars per gallon – and make no mistake, that figure is enough to amount to a sizable chunk of the average American's monthly paycheck. A ...

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    Saft kick starts lithium-ion battery production at Florida facility

    Last Friday, $95.5 million in stimulus money from the U.S. Department of Energy helped open Saft's 16th facility worldwide. This factory, referred to by Saft as the world's most advanced automated lithium-ion battery site, is located in Jacksonville, FL. The Saft factory, a $200-million, ...

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    ADA Technologies to develop ultracapacitors for hybrid military vehicles

    ADA Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a $70,000 contract from the U.S. Army to begin Phase 1 of the development of an electrochemical ultracapacitor for use in hybrid military vehicles. ADA's developmental work will be performed with assistance from Maxwell Technologies, the company behind the ...

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    Rapid Electric Vehicles delivers first of four battery-powered APVs to U.S. Army

    REV Ford Escape – Click above for high-res image
    The first of four battery-powered Ancillary Power Vehicles (APVs) produced by Canada-based Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has been delivered to the U.S. Military and is ready for active duty. The APVs, which are battery-electric light-duty ...

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    REV awarded contract to build four converted, battery-powered vehicles for U.S. military

    REV Ford Escape – Click above for high-res image
    Four battery-powered Ancillary Power Vehicles (APVs) produced by Canada-based Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) will soon be ready for active duty with the U.S. Military. REV was recently awarded a contract to build four of its APVs, which are ...

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    Saft unveils li-ion battery system designed for stealthy military ops

    We'd venture a guess that a significant percentage of military operations require some sort of stealth and believe that real-world offensives probably bare little resemblance to those made-for-TV shoot -'em-ups that many of us watch on a regular basis. With that in mind, Saft's recent unveiling ...

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    U.S. Navy to power ship with biofuels, with help from the USDA

    Given that the United States military spends a large amount of its resources fighting to secure regions of the world that are most important as a source of crude oil, it would certainly make tactical sense to reduce its dependence on those fuels. Some small scale tests of biofuels in military ...

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    From the no kidding files: a more efficient miltary would save soldiers' lives

    Photo by Soldiers Media Center. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    The US military has brought the civilian world some great acronyms, like SNAFU and FUBAR. The military might need to look into adopting O RLY after coming to the conclusion that, as Green Car Advisor put is, "Army's ...

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    U.S. mililtary looking for a few good EVs

    The U.S. military, like so many other giant organizations, is making the case for going green. From hybrid tanks to bio-fuel jet fuel, reducing fuel is becoming more and more important. The latest move is towards more electric cars, thousands of little NEVs to use on bases around the world. ...

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    VIDEO: hybrid aircraft carriers in Iraq? (NSFW)

    As part of a pledge to green the war in Iraq, President Bush will increase the number of hybrid engine aircraft carriers, according to the Onion News Network (see video below the fold). The fake news report also includes other ideas that the military could do to make the war green: carpooling troop ...

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    NYT test drives the Marines' diesel motorcycle

    While spending a little time over at Faster and Faster, a site devoted to motorcycles posing with very beautiful, very scantily-clad women, (I was only reading the articles, honest) I saw a piece on this 100-mpg diesel motorcycle that Hayes Diversified Technologies builds for the military. This got ...

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    DoD orders up portable biofuel plants for military use

    The U.S. Department of Defense has selected two companies, Diversified Energy and Velocys, to design a mobile biofuel manufacturing plant that would process organic waste from military installations. The plans are to use pyrolysis to create syngas to be used as biofuel for military vehicles and ...

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    Cool videos: BAE's electric tank, MIT's stackable car

    The video above is of a BAE Systems' electric-powered military vehicle. According to one of video description, BAE Systems has made military vehicles with "electromagnetic hub mounted wheel motors from MST." The military is very interested in the silence and efficiency of electric vehicles because ...

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    Ricardo shows off a military hybrid systems demonstrator vehicle

    We've been over the fact that the military likes hybrid and electric vehicles before, and the reasons are rather obvious. First, of course the military wants to save money on gas, just like you do. Second, while operating under electric power, vehicles have a tendency to be rather quiet, which ...

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    Why the military loves electric vehicles

    The video above is an electric buggy made for the military. The military likes electric cars and it's not because they emit fewer green house gases. They are quiet, something Simpson's creator Matt Groening also enjoys. He likes to sneak up on people in parking lots with his Prius in EV mode, then ...


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